doosh sighting

  1. MrP

    ASL First Dates

    What is it with the first time you meet someone to play ASL? First time I met Vinnie, Steve and Tony, we played at Martin's place, had a powercut and ended up playing by candlelight. First time I played in Brisbane, we played through the sound of the couple next door having very noisy and...
  2. J

    New MMP magazine

    Oh, yes. The new MMP magazine named Special Ops is out. First issue of course. See this link: Regards Jesus
  3. Evan Sherry

    5-4-7 Volksgrenadier Squad

    Do you think the ASL sytem could use a 5-4-7 Volksgrenadier squad? This squad would be an alternate 1st line squad, available in 1944 onward. It would share the 2-4-7 HS with the 4-6-7. It could suffer unit replacement in the normal manner, or it could have a unique replacement straight...
  4. RobZagnut

    Why GameSquad?

    Roger’s ‘5000 posts - Get a Life’ topic got me thinking. What are the reasons you read and post messages on GameSquad? Using the list below, give me your percentages adding to 100% of how you spend your time on GS. * I like watching and participating in the flame wars, pass the popcorn * I...
  5. John Bark

    dirt nap for a terrorist...

    guess who finally is taking a dirt nap? sleeping with the fishes!?
  6. King Billy

    Tour of the Normandy landing sites.

    I am currently in Normandy about to head off on a day tour of the landing sites, starting with Pegasus Bridge and ending with Omaha Beach. Nothing new for a lot of you, but the first time I have ever visited a WWII battle site! Bill
  7. AZslim

    CH genius!

    The marketing by that company is a study in marketing tactics fit for any business school. By publishing large sized add ons to ASL, they are able to make statements like this: Critical Hit, Inc. is the publisher of the largest tactical-level/squad level simulations in wargame history with...
  8. M

    What happened to the Partisan module...

    that Pitman was working on, is it getting closer to completion? Any photos, play test reports?
  9. olli


    Hi Guys Just saw this one it is up for Pre order and is shipping on the 4th 0f April. $37 for the US and $44 for the rest of the world... second last product coming from HoB
  10. Gunner Scott

    How Was AP 4 Playtested withthe Bocage Rules?

    Hi- Well it seems a few idiots still think playing B9.55 their way is the right way IE house rules, common sense, I think this is how its done. What I want to know is, how was B9.55 handled in playtesting for AP 4. Basically here is the root of the problem: here is an example: It is the...
  11. Vinnie

    The Pacific versus Band of Brothers

    Finally finished watching the Pacific and am now ploughing my way through the book. The obvious comparison for this is to Band of Brothers so which series did people like better and why? For me BoB had is in the bag by episode three. The acting was much better and the characters more rounded...
  12. dlazov

    Would you buy from WBW?

    Just for the hell of it... :devious:
  13. Pitman

    ASL Campaign Games are inherently better than scenarios

    I have been playing ASL for quite some time now, and I think one thing is clear: between the two main ways of playing ASL, campaign games and standalone scenarios, campaign games truly are superior. There are a number of reasons for this. The first and most obvious reason is that the maps...
  14. Gunner Scott

    Wild Bill Stuff made of gold?

    Holy crap, over 200 bucks for poorly written rules, non existant playtesting and poor graphics, I can get that with CH! products but at a much cheaper price:clown: Scott
  15. Honza

    The Best Books On Stalingrad

    In the last week I have recieved "Island Of Fire" and "Angriff - The German Attack On Stalingrad In Photos" both by Jason Mark. They cost me over $200 including shipping in total. I was wondering which are the other great books on the battle? In particular I'm interested in the battle for...
  16. Portal

    HBO "The Pacific" DVD Box Set: Reviews?

    Did Santa drop the Pacific DVD or Blu-ray box set into anybody's stocking? Are the bonus historical features inside worth the price of admission? Thanks for the opinions!
  17. BattleSchool

    The People's Choice Awards: Who has contributed the most to ASL in the past 25 years?

    Who do you think has done the most for the ASL hobby in the past 25 years? Or better yet, who do you think is worthy of special recognition for his (or her) efforts in promoting The Game? Perhaps it is your favourite scenario designer. :hail: Or maybe the designer of a popular historical...
  18. E

    World War One ASL

    I thought I read a thread that someone was making world war one for the asl system. I saw something on critical hit's website. But no information when it will be coming out. Has any one else seen this? I would be very interested in this if it does see the light of day.
  19. AZslim

    Designers: Is the bypass sleaze freeze essential to your designs?

    All, If heard a lot of people who don't like this aspect of ASL, I've always argued that changing it would mess up a lot of scenarios. So I'm asking you guys. Are your scenarios designed so the attacker needs to do this in order to win many of them? I'm guessing yes for SP for sure.
  20. dlazov

    At it again

    Would anyone really want to play ASL with Zula Wars? How about Col. Roosevelt...