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  • I settle for the one you are willing to part with. :) How should I contact you on payments and such.
    Good to har. I'd like a German blue one and American green. I would have gone for British kaki but I think it would look awful!

    Let me know when/if you organise a get together and I'll try and make it down. It will depend on weather and work but I have some time off in December coming up.
    Hey Olli, still trying to get organised to pop down to see you. Also any further on with the dice towers? I was hoping to be able to give them to Steve and Tony as Christmas pressies but I understand if things have got held up at your end.
    Yours Aye,
    Hey Olli, I'm trying to arrange a trip down to play you some time as it's getting quieter here now. When are you around in the next couple of months?
    ""thats what she said" to coin a phrase ;-) Corrected you here psycho."

    "where do you read that from? but hey i guess it is apt as you cannot groc the basics !!"

    Bullseye! Tried to rep you but wasn't allowed.
    Hi Olli
    Are you up for a few more hours Of VotG on Wednesday 11th July?
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
    David B.
    Musta misread who posted info on DE pack--you still deserve Rep anyway as I like your posts on all aspects of ASL.
    I've reserved a case or two for you :) Should have 350 cases to get rid of, chard will be ready in 12 months, pinot in 18. Chard is clone 548, maybe time for a special ASL related label! Wife would kill me tho.......
    Hi Ollie would Wednesday 9th be doable. Would be able to play 10am-2.30pm with
    a break for refreshments while I do the nursery run. Should possibly get one turn in
    I think. I'll give you a phone tonight as I finally finish my night duties.

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