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  • Hey, Ian, any interest in finishing off that Yanks scenario? I know my guys were in pretty bad shape!
    "I think this thread has gone from "go see the movie" to blatant pushing of a political agenda. No other reason than "go see the movie because it slates Obama".

    Psycho's midget fighting on youtube has more worth and honesty than ANY movie about politicians, be they written by supporters or detractors."

    It was from the beginning but that's Farris for you. He is on fb constantly bashing Obama (or global warming) but less so now (not the bashing, just on fb less). He has a way about him that just kinda irks me. His constant "just go see it," like his "just try it out" for the IIFT turns me off of whatever he suggests. But then I already knew about DiSouza way back in the early 90s and he was a political shill back then too. :nada:
    "I fail to see how you can read anti Americanism into it unless you're so paranoid that you see offence everywhere and in everything you disapprove of."

    Fox is very right wing but if you listen to people like Tate they just tell the truth. :rolleyes: And if they do admit they lean a little to the right it's because all the other news is left wing propaganda. ;)

    I was going to post that but I'm going to post it here for you to wait and see what the RWers post. :)
    I didn't know they did vintage version of Canadian Club ;-) (Re Dorosh only good when Dry, Historical and Canadian)
    "Hopefully we won't see you with Pitmans beard tucked into your trousers either.


    Can't rep again so soon. :thumup: Pervert! :angry:
    "Goat porn (and gay goat porn to boot)..."

    Finely crafted work! :clap: Can't rep again so soon.
    Its now 40 hours since you were supposed to turn up for our VASL game. I'm figuring you're not going to show.

    you need to get a decent diary mate.
    "Did you know God was a liberal?"

    Not the Old Testament God. He was a badass. Maybe once he had a child he calmed down a bit. ;)
    I didn't even get an infraction or at least a warning. Nothing! I'm guessing if he did report it maybe the mods thought I was joking. I wasn't. ;)
    I got my first ever infraction warning for that one. Can't really argue with it since I knew as I posted that it was pretty near the knuckle.

    Mind you being told to " piss off " is a direct insult...
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