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  • "If Romney wins and the Republicans hold a majority in congress, I bet in four years the debt will be higher than it is now and the size of government won't be any smaller than it is now. We will have even more restrictive laws in place because of the "war on terror". The government will still spend more and if the economy is still sluggish, it will be Obama's fault."

    It will be cuz the Dems vote against everything and won't work with the right. :cry: Of course the same could be said now but that's different. ;)
    Wow dude, this place has gotten WACKY. Even once sane people seem to be channelling doggie!
    "This will blow over pretty quickly when people realize it's not really a mandate against a religion. It will fall back to the core argument of mandate or no mandate."

    Sorry but it won't blow over unless Fox lets it. Reps listen to Fox for their "facts" and if they say it's a mandate then it is. ;)
    Wanted to rep you up for the discussion about the could-be USMC video, but the system forbids :/ Anyway, my thoughts are the same, as yours or Vinnie's about this mess.
    Let me guess Tate's response to "US Marines desecrating Taliban bodies?" if I may:

    Who cares? How is pissing on them going to hurt? They already want to saw our heads off! And we kill unborn babies! Teachers' unions! Commie Socialist Marxist libtard dumbasses!

    Or something along those lines. ;)

    Doggie's response will be the same or something about the liberal media showing it to cause our country to fail... yadda yadda yadda. ;)
    Do you keep your black SS counters stored like some "tacky little pamphlet in your daddys bottom drawer"?
    "I bet if you try really hard you could stick your nose farther up there."

    "The only thing more odd would somebody having their self worth wrapped up in game they don't play. "
    You are a bad man :)
    Nah! I just wanted to know how much better I am than all of you peons! :coolban:

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