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  • Hi Mark, I have a query re the AP19 ssr5 setup in the rules questions forum - I would be grateful if you could provide a view.
    Hi Mark, I have a query re the AP19 ssr5 setup in the rules questions forum - I would be grateful if you could provide a view.
    Thanks for the rep and the info (and congratulations for your finish at WO2013!). You answered a question I was soon to post. I see on the Downloads that they all seem to carry a caveat in the corner concerning playtesting and balance. I was about to question whether they were all that way or not, it would appear so. I just enjoy playing 'Norwegian' scenarios and was sucked right in.

    Thanks for keeping the DM website going as well. I've referenced it many times for module/pack/magazine content.

    Cheers, Chris
    Thanks both for the rep and correction. I have 1.4 k ".jpg"s of scenarios (~11 Gb) and use the "title" metadata for the scenario title for Windows search purposes (inserted using the preview function). When making up the list I noticed I had "Fermer's Market" and corrected that but missed my spelling "bee". I am sure I have many more misspells and typos there.

    I miss your erudite arguments, whatever about your style. We need the cranky but learned input. :D We have plenty of the cranky, though Gunner Scott has calmed down (though his choice of Felix Dzerzhinsky for his avatar is creepy :freak:) and is slagging off CH, others have taken his place. As always, thanks for the DM work, it is unparallelled and invaluable.
    Hi Mark, I had read that you were hanging about here. I'm glad, miss reading your posts though. But I fully support whatever your dicision may be. Thanks for the rep also.Take care, nice to know you're still out there.
    "Against the Odds Folder. Messages 41752 and 41754. I am a ****ing genius. I presume they will be deleted soon. "

    nice! :clap:
    You should be impressed getting rep when you are not even contributing to the site. I suppose I should look more carefully.
    Thanks for the comments. Your website is a very necessary part of the hobby. Thanks again for what you do for our hobby.
    Repped you for the wrong post, meant to rep you for your next post, comments apply to that (next) post.
    Hi Mark, Could you please delete your review about the Scenario File #1 called Stavka Archives, it ain´t very pleasent to read and in error and to my
    understanding by you that has not even played any of them (or any of the Deluxe scenarios either I suspect).

    regards Melvin Falk
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