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  • Well, if you need a mental break I could use a Chaco War scenario for new desert board being done.
    You still design scenarios?

    Steve Swann
    Gunner Scott
    Gunner Scott
    hi Steve; yup, but I am slow, been working on a scenario pack for the last 4 years playtesting it on and off. I want it to be unique and not the typical 4 to 6 turns stuff out there. maybe next year I'll publish it.
    You got it because it was due (BTW thanks for the return, really not necessary). It was a bit late as with all the crap flying, I forgot until someone reminded me of it, mea culpa. While rare, it's nice that we can agree on something.
    Yeah, I am sure you seen all the CH orders I placed recently, can't help myself there is some great stuff in these packages, hidden gems. I hate it when one person or group is "pro" everything from one person, product or thing. There are good and bad points/quality/items/issues in all things, you have to learn to take the good with the bad and deal with it, but there are a few vocals that are basically broken records with obvious no open mindedness.

    BTW if you ever need any play testing done let me know, I have done play testing for Brian Martuzas, George Kellin, and Chas Smith.
    That has to be the quickest rep that I got. 1 minute between me posting and you giving me rep!? Thanks.

    I figured that was better and politer than simply calling him an *******.
    "Marks web page is ok, he seems to have a beef with BFP and his reviews of their products shows. On the other hand, I'm surprised he did not slam the guy that wrote 12 pages of text on buildings in J9. lol"

    We are going to play SK1 War of the rats or Retaking Vierville so hopefully he won't get too burned out on that :)

    Maybe next time I am in Chicago we could have a game. I have friends (wife's relatives) there. They live in Evanston. I am hoping to go again later this year.
    Unfortunately I have lost my ASL partner so haven't played any ASL this year - he says he is 'burned out' with ASL (we only played 5 scenarios).

    I am meeting a new guy tomorrow (he is actually from the US) so I am hoping to convince him ASL is worth the effort.
    Thanks for the rep....Everytime I ask Ray T a question about his products he orders me to give him 50.....
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