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  • Hi John

    It took me awhile to read the rules for SASL but now I'm hooked! I have a co-operative SASL game going on at the moment (Free French Campaign) in which both of us are responsible for certain units. There is alot of Fog of War in SASL. I have even taken ASLSK scenarios (Retaking Vierville and War of the Rats) and converted them to SASL. Unless balance is an issue, SASL may not be for you, but if you are like me and just want to have a great time (regardless of win or lose) it's exciting.
    By the way thanks for the positive feedback concerning Snipers.It's a work in progress and any suggestions on how to make the sniper house rules better would be much appreciated. The world would still be considered flat if those who had vision only listened to others who provided non-constructive criticism.

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