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  • "I'm callingbollocks on this post. There is no way you have sold ANY ASL product!"

    Tried earlier but couldn't rep you, mate. You're right! :D
    I made a couple of posts there, thanks for the heads up. That area is one I rarely frequent as the Religion & Politics snakepit is there.
    Martin check your e-mails and let me know if you got the files, 26 pages of it !
    Martin I will try and get them done this coming week, as for coming down I will next week be sorting out a date to have a meet of ASL'ers in Dundee for a day just got to sort out the venue and date sio if interested let me know? what colours did you want ?

    The full man hate is the only thing that will due in this circumstance, thanks you!
    "Don't do it. You know what happens, he pretends to be a middle aged dork on the Internet but in reality he's a hot blonde bimbo...."

    "Made me smile."

    As John Gielgud said to Dudley Moore in Arthur: It's what I live for! ;)
    Hi Vinnie
    Are you still having that ASL weekend at your place in September?
    If so did you have any dates in mind as planning ahead in my job is a bit of a nightmare, bit like playing someone who refusues to roll higher than five DR on their PfPh.
    ATB David Blackwood
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