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  • Hi Jan, well I am finally ready to play the massive CG for Prokhorovka, I have completed a setup map using VASL 6.6.2. I remember you were interested in the HASL, so like me, you have mobility issues etc, would you like to get a copy of the Tank Fields of Prokhorovka CG?? If you would, please send my you e-mail on here
    Jan I may not have bought anything for the last two years but still have all the releases by everybody except CH over that time , clipping and exchanging things for all the new releases
    Hi Honza!
    I ordered the reprint of the Hue module directly from CH too shortly after You wrote that You ordered it.
    Did You get the module?
    I am still waiting.
    Did CH charge You already too?
    Zugführer (aka Bjoern)
    Thanks for the kudo's message regarding my tank kill at 25 hexes with a pair of snakes. Cheers Joe
    Yea I picked up the RB :), It was a very nice copy, I think a good price for mint I have watched RB on eBay before and scene them go for more, or close to the same but not mint.

    I looked for the files on the Breskins Pocket maps and they have been "corrupted" by time and a some dried liquid that was spilled into the 3.5" discs that I had them on. Sorry man.

    I am going to create a CD for you with some good reading stuff about the US Army in WWII, the German Army in WWII and some Japanese/Russian battles in the middle 1930s.

    I'll let you know when it is in the mail.
    Merry Christmas back at you. No snow here, or forecast, but looking foreward to a big duck dinner.
    Can't complain. Enjoying some time off, and chasing the kids around. How have you been? The new avatar is a sweetie.
    Hi Jan,
    Im based in Camp Wales. I was having a fantastic time on Vassal but Ive not had any time to do battle due to commitments. I am thinking about making a compromise. Truth is though I have been doing myself some good reading of the Rules to be less of a drag on my opponent.
    Ilu map size is big, about 28"x30" anyway but I'll measure it and let you know when I get home tonight. I had the printer cut off some of the ocean overlay to make the rest of the map bigger. Cheers:)
    will you be at heroes, I will have my map holder there to let people see and hopefully drum up buisness!
    Not really, Oxford is about 2 hours south from mine, down the M6 and M40. I actually work in London (crazy commute, long story) which is closer to Oxford, and I have free nights in London because I stay over to recover from my daft commute.

    Cheers, Al.
    I just finnished Meat Choppers , the first scenario from BdF, and I'm setting up Defiant Confrontation, the Finnish scenario from the 1st Firefights pack. In between building lego stuff with my son!
    I'm supposed to be off for 11 days, but I've got to work some in that stretch. Did you have a good Christmas? I ate too much, but , why not....
    I cannot set up as forum. Don does not want to set up any more unofficial support forums. I set up an LFT Club, but for some reason, Xavier was not able to take ownership of it. He should be able to set such a club up himself?
    WE got a scanner? WE? Is there perchance a female in your life now?

    Seriously, Merry Christmas!

    Under £75 bargain punched but unused counters, so will be the back up set to my playing set, the unpunched set is still in the bag it came in!!! I have a punched set and unpunched of the brit rare vehicles and the MM98 pack , best nobody finds out how many copies, I have ........
    Just picked up another mint copy of German rare vehicles from ToT, not too badly priced either
    Very specific. Regional in some cases. Meat, beans, tomato based sauce-usually made with some kind of hot pepper. I've actually been working on increasing my tolerance with plenty of visits to a hot wing place! (Cleans out the sinuses here in the winter...)
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