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  • What other games are you playing besides Steel Panthers?
    I only play Steel Panthers:WW2 and MBT any more. I used to play John Tillers Campaigns. I also play test Gary Grigsby War in the East. And ASL. I used to own over 500 board wat games but no more.
    Yep still alive, move done, body is aching, got a chiropractor appointment this morning. Going to take a while to unpack and settle in...lol Thanks for checking in.
    You still alive?

    Tomorrow's the BIG day.....

    Or is it later in the month?

    Remember, in Texas we can wear short from Nov-March.....

    Just Sayin'
    You could try increasing your posts/page to decrease the frequency that you can't see posts.

    Settings > My Account > General Settings. Then about half way down the page there is "Number of Posts to Show Per Page:". Increase that from Default (or 10) to 20/30/40.

    The problem seems to be with the first post on a new page, so reducing the number of pages should help.
    Hey, I know you are taking a break because you have alot going on, but I moved back to Grayslake, right down 120 from you so if you want to hang out and BS we can...
    Thanks for your reputation comment. I have not gotten around to playing Bastonge yet (even though it looks like a short,easy game). I have gotten so sidetracked. But I am looking forward to it very much!
    Yup, Dublin in Ireland. Thanks for the rep.

    If I remember right, we have programming in common, though that is a former life for me.

    My policy is to be tolerant, quiet and inoffensive and if the big nasty comes round and ignores you, jump out and hit him on the back of the head. :)
    None. Just how I imagined the Pythons would have handled it. All my own blasphemous, warped and cynical thoughts.
    Hi, I sent you an email using the "Send Email" function. Did you get it? Anyways, I think we should play scenario T5. Is that ok?
    That is alright. You don't have to explain. Maybe we can get a game in at the Open next year. Good luck.
    Hey, got your message about a ladder game. I'll play anything, so I don't have a list set up anywhere. I prefer to play via SKYPE if you have it. Never played PBEM.
    Matt, Not sure if I am going or not and if I do I'd bring my son (16) so he could experience a tournament. NIASL meets every Wednesday (for this summer)
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