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  • Hi Vinnie
    Are you still having that ASL weekend at your place in September?
    If so did you have any dates in mind as planning ahead in my job is a bit of a nightmare, bit like playing someone who refusues to roll higher than five DR on their PfPh.
    ATB David Blackwood
    You cheeky git!

    After thinkinjg about it after writing the piece for the forum I've decided that if you talk proper you're not working class. I talk like an oik so that settles it I reckon.
    Your emapathy is greatly appreciated. Now join me as I dabble in the black arts of dice vodoo sacrifices
    "Unless you're playing with Psycho who believes in Who Bares , Wins..."

    Vinnie, WoT tonight Into the training room, I will take the oportunity to do just that!! save the game and post it here!!
    They are stupider than burnt stumps. BTW I'm not Dem or Rep. They all suck.
    "Is this guy a democrat stooge? They are the only ones to benefit from this being raked up again."


    well done! sounds like Tate :clap:
    Thank you Vinnie, I've received help with them, but once again thank you, makes me feel that I'm in good hobby community :) Oh, and clear your inbox, cause I couldn't PM you ;)
    "[psycho]Yeah from what I hear, you guys all have packages so small "stuffing" doesn't really apply![/psycho]"

    Martin , did a roll call today and John , Silas and aN other cannot make it, checking with Dave , He has been on nights, so will try asap to contact him ok?
    Hi thx for invite Martin, was thinking of coming over with Hamish, but things are a bit up in the air atm.
    still nothing Martin, try maybe the file is too big?
    Got the address wrong it should be I gave it as asl , one l to many!! can you please resend , many thanks olli
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