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  • "I had a pretty average pull earlier this evening. Oh! Sorry wrong forum..."

    "Bush did not know what intelligence was."

    Why do you hate America?!?! :angry: :flag:
    "It is fair given his bombast. I'm not having someone else tell me what ASL should or should not be."

    Why do you hate America?!?! :angry:
    Sad as it sounds, I actually remember that story. Good grief, are we really that old?

    The comparison with ESG was brilliant.
    "And I'm not in favour of abortion anyway. I'm on record as saying I'd prefer it if they didn't happen. But it is not my decision."

    Ed Zachry!
    "The media is so rubbish it's sickening"

    The "scientists" have an agenda but the oil companies don't . ;)
    "Sargent Holst is the man for this kind of thing. He'll tell you they're PzIV I reckon..."

    bigtime snicker maybe even a guffaw ;)
    "I say this to any heterosexual bigot who stands against this overdue move: I you think gay marriage undermines your marriage, your marriage was never worth anything in the first place."

    "Explain why you think you should be tell someone else what to do with their own body."

    "No they didn't give up the say so. Why should they have no say? Why should you have the say? You're not pregnant.

    I have question for you. What if your very commendable approach to raising your daughters encounters a hitch and following a moment of weakness one does get pregnant. Would you expect to decide whether she brings it to term or not? Why should she not decide.

    As I recall you're an affluent family and grandkid might the thing everyone wants. But what if you were on the skids and another mouth to feed would be too much?

    I don't like abortion at all. I'd like to see a world where no woman woluld want one. Where no matter her background she'd get all the help feeding, educating, housing and clothing a child she might need for the kid's sake if not for hers. But this is not that world."

    "I was expecting to see Sergeant Holst being offered as a potential friend... Then I remembered that he and the scrote are on Twofacedbook."

    You're on fire lately :p
    There is nothing wrong with a Betamax video player; I bought one in Dec 1981 and it finally died Superbowl 2002. Thanks for the rep.
    Cheers mate rugby league and ASL - bliss. Still trying to work out how to use Game Squad, thought this was best place to reply. The Warriors got thumped by the Eels last night though 40 - 10, both teams got dealt to by the interference rule, that combined with no shoulder charge; I thought ruby union had got to officious.
    "I don't see this show. There's enough zombies in the pro CH lobby."


    Thanks peanut ;)
    I was probably at that IF. But I always like to say Hi. Bet it's cold there now...
    Just responding to a "Hello Halifax" rep message you left me a while back and wondering the same thing. We might have met at the one IF I ever made it to (1996?) but I can't recall now. Maybe you have the wrong Halifax? ;-)
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