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    Can a MTR (or other area fire) shoot SMOKE at the level 2 of a jungle, assuming the level 1 is out of LOS?

    But what about the squirrels? Can't we aim at them?
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    Tournament Likes / Tournament Hates....

    All for ventilation but when it's 18 degrees outside and I need a scarf and coat on to play, it's not fun anymore!
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    So long Pennsylvania's gerrymandered republican districts

    You will get religious objections to people voting (working) on a Sunday. This will decrease participation by people who normally vote while the Tuesday (or other weekday voting) is fairly neutral. I do agree that the times of polls should be the same across the country. If you want to close...
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    How Often Do You Intensive Fire?

    I tend to IF and expect my opponent to do it almost every shot there is if the to hit will be greater than 5.
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    How Often Do You Intensive Fire?

    Or go for ESB in the hex.
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    why have we never seen THIS in a HASL CG yet?

    The pack doesn't have a CG but does have a monster scenario. By monster I mean 47 and a half (important to remember that) turns. Features 34 squads defending and the attacking OB is spread over some 3 pages...
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    Tournament Likes / Tournament Hates....

    That I could cope with.
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    Forgotten War Q & A.

    Thank you.
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    C7.31 AP to Kill Table...Allied & Axis Minor/Italian (20L only)

    The Russians, and Japanese only have a good ATR. The others have both standard ATR and the better 20 mm one. The Finns have both as well.
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    McCabe and Mr. Mueller

    I don't think this is in any way true. Maybe 30% of the worlds population do not support the US but 99% really don't care enough to want to see it come to harm.
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    Berserks, CC marker, and disrupted surrender?

    He's disrupted, he's adjacent to a good order armed enemy squad. He surrenders.
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    Emplaced gun eliminated - crew in open ground now?

    I think of it as the malfunction being a round stuck in the breech and fizzing slowly away. The crew then want to put a fair bit of space beytween them and the weapon!
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    Forgotten War Q & A.

    I have a question about the Searchlight close combat example. 10.112 ATTACKS VS GMSL: A GMSL that is not in tow is attacked as if it were an Immobile (D.7), unarmored vehicle (D1.21) [EXC: Immobilization results has no eflect] With an Inherent crew (if manned), but it is not treated as a...
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    Stacking and Trenches Q

    Protection from oba and overrun.
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    Tournament Likes / Tournament Hates....

    Likes: very limited choice of scenario each round; I dislike having to decide. Variation in theatres each round; I would never have played pto if it did not have a round in the first heroes I went to. Good lighting Decent beer and a place to chat not too far from the gaming area but not right...