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    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    It was on;ly once I started following his Twitter feed that I understood how he would find some of the posts here frustrating. When yopu deal with that sort of thing in real life, having it impinge on your relaxation must be very frustrating. He, more than most of us, must have seen the effect...
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    Retain concealment after minimum move advance into close combat?

    Yes, each case of the modifier applies. Someone is concealed so the mod applies.
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    barbed wire fences

    While it can happen, I don't think it would be thst common. Every fence each tank goes through has a 1 in 36 chance of bog. That multiples up yo a 1 in 108 chance of bog leading to mire or immobilization. Given a 4 tank section will cross about 10 of these in KGPthats a pretty good chance...
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    Desperate for Desperation Morale

    Sometimes your day job gets in the way. He did tweet recently that he'd spent two days writing so there is hope...
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    Battalion Mortar

    He forgot to bribe Klas before he chimed in, a rookie mistake.
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    barbed wire fences

    I feel they shoukd have said: Barbed wire fences cost 1mf to cross and are not an obstacle or hindrance. They may not be crossed by motorcycles or cwagins/sleigh nor while on skis. They cost no extra MP to cross but are bog terrain they onky kodier is +1 If not fully tracked +2 If truck type...
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    barbed wire fences

    Oops, no extra cost for a vehicle just a big. 3.1 A barbed-wire fence is depicted by a series of small black Xs overlaying a hexside (EX: StC20-D20; ChB3-B4). Barbed wire is neither an obstacle nor a Hindrance, provides no TEM, does not negate the FFMO/FFNAM DRM, and cannot be Cleared or...
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    barbed wire fences

    I've seen them somewhere elsecrecently....msybe one of the LC CGs or Operation Schmidt? They are way more complex than need be. Basically it costs you a extra mf to cross a fence but an mmc can go ti to remove this for other units. AFV can cross costing an extra 1 and s bog check. Bog on a 12...
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    A Squad Picking Up and Repairing a SW and a Gun.

    A9.72 only a crew may attempt to repair a gun. The squad could not repair it although they could dismantle it and bring it to s crew to repair it.
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    Konigsberg Playtest at Winter Offensive

    George has authorised a couple of changes. Concealed conscript and conscript class unjts have 4 mf. German units can move through hidden minefields as long as they are out of line of sight. These two make it possible yo have multiple lines of defence and reposition the conscripts.
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    Gare du Hatten/ Hillock questions

    Can you become entrenched on the emRR? As far as I was aware, they are treated as paved roads for this purpose and you can't entrench on a paved road.
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    Konigsberg Playtest at Winter Offensive

    I can recommend this. You need PMCs on both sides as the Soviets see likely to get strung up initially but the Germans have to scramble to contain any breakthrough as otherwise they will be isolated and destroyed.
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    Bounding First Fire

    It's now been a couple of weeks since I got back and seeing Toby's WAR, I thought I might contribute my own. The event was held at the Headlands Hotel which is by far the best venue I have been to. The place is comfortable and warm, filled with ASLers and excellent staff. Better than all the...
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    Bounding First Fire Blackpool 2018 AAR

    I don't think any who attended thought this was a method to get a great prize into a particular players hands! That thought needs to be quashed right away! The prizes were magnificent with the diorama and the "final crisis" being the best! To be honest, if I'd won (ha!) I had no interest in the...
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    Would you pay for official winterized maps from MMP ?

    The only "winterised" official board is Hatten and I'm just not that impressed with it. Sure, it's decent enough but it did not make me go "Wow!".