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    Assault Fire for 468, 447, 436 SS-Squads from 1944 onwards?

    The only "official" use of a 436 AS squad that springs to mind is ABTF which states that The 436 is not an AS squad. 6.2 SS UNIT REPLACEMENT: The progression for all SS MMC subject to Replacement is shown below. The Morale Number of SS MMC is never considered underlined for any purpose [EXC...
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    VASL6.6.0 is officially released

    Great news.
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    Hatten Advice

    The germans do not have enough armour to defend all their halftracks. They have to rely on infantry to protect them. This enables the US player to pick off the occasional on at long range. Add to that the excessive amounts of smoke the US can produce and they can isolate parts of the battlefield...
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    Hatten Advice

    Rememebr to HIP your onmap tank destroyers. I did not do this and he just simply swarmed tham with infantry. The open area beyond the railway embankment is a killing ground for your mortars. They can set up quite far back and pound anything that appears there. These boys can eat halftracks so...
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    Some routing and a CC question.

    One minor point on the rout. If the building is the target of the rout, since using the foxhole means it cannot reach the building, it can only do so if this is the shortest route to the building. "As long as it reaches that hex during a single RtPh, it need not use the shortest route, but as...
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    Why do we want to win?

    That makes quite a lot of sense. I have had to, over the years, damp down my competative urge. One of the reasons I gave up competetive fencing was losing one bout had me angry for a week. I was never even any good at the sport! I have tried to learn to play for the joy of the game and one of...
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    Does a stopped AFV in bypass disallow enemy unit entry to the hex?

    If the afv is concealed then the detection rules come into play. You can move into the location but will get bounced back. If the afv is unconcealed then line of sight to it are irrelevant and you cannot move into the location.
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    Landing craft passengers unloading into an enemy occupied hex

    It can get very risky as you fire on them as they enter, leaving residual and then if they bail out, they take that residual attack. Combine that with the inability for the bailed out riders to attack, and it is a very high risk strategy. "ny Rider which Bails Out must take a NMC, be placed...
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    Landing craft passengers unloading into an enemy occupied hex

    Changing status? TO be honest, I am not adverse to your take on it and if you asked Perry, I would not be astounded if he agreed with you. My reading is that the phrase "entering the location" requires to be entered from another place rather than from another status.
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    Landing craft passengers unloading into an enemy occupied hex

    All phases. The vehicle and prc enter the location. There is no requirement to fire upon them at that point. You bail out nd become infantry but the infantry is not "entering the location" so no mandatory fire upon them..
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    Landing craft passengers unloading into an enemy occupied hex

    I took the radical step of agreeing with Klas...
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    Landing craft passengers unloading into an enemy occupied hex

    I don't think they do since the requirement to fire is on infantry entering the location. "A8.312 TPBF: An armed, unbroken Infantry DEFENDER not in Melee must after all Residual-FP/minefield/OBA attacks then immediately attack any Infantry/Cavalry MMC unit that enters its Location during the...
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    Barbed Wire movement and fire question please

    It's an odd one as the shot prior to the roll would be against an assault move, but after the roll is against a normal move. Do you reckon a Q&A is worthwhile?
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    Bounding Fire 2020 - Blackpool, UK. November 2020

    Hope to see again there Jim. One of my concerns is the schools will go back in England atntge end of August, 2 weeks after us. We will see a spike then. Imthinkm4 weekscsfter they go back and that takes us into September. Sure we still have 10 weeks from the start of Sept to Bounding Fire but...
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    Bounding Fire 2020 - Blackpool, UK. November 2020

    Bounding Fire is a must go. The way the tournament is run is brilliant with the organisers taking the risk of both supplying unpublished scenarios and being willing to judge games that go over time. I cannot express how important thos aspect is as it is not fun when you are stuck waiting for a...