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    First use of flamethrowers and need some confirmation of our interpretation of the rules

    I think the attack on the ADV has a specific collateral attack on vulnerable crew as well. Also the tank will burn on a 3 or less, eliminated on a 4.
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    Shooting AP at troops in winter camouflage in a pillbox (9 hexes or more)

    Can you cross post with the question into the Perry Sez folder?
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    CH/KIA breaking other units in the hex

    While I agree with your interpretation of the rules, there are conventions of when subsequent MC are taken. A leader goes berserk. All units take the MC that causes after they have resolved the attack. Similarly, a LLMC is taken after the attack that caused the death.
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    Fire Lane vs. Human Wave: separate DRs?

    It tgey both enter the hex on the same impulse, they use the same DR. One DR per hex per impulse.
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    CH/KIA breaking other units in the hex

    KIA: At least as many target units in each specifically targeted Location (e.g., Spraying Fire or Canister, but not Area Target Type, attacks) as the number indicated (#) are eliminated (as determined by Random Selection); all remaining target units are automatically broken. Units which cannot...
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    pocket edition vs. big book

    I think you're good as you are. The second edition has better text but unless thatsca major consideration, I wouldn't bother.
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    Shooting AP at troops in winter camouflage in a pillbox (9 hexes or more)

    I would say yes. Given that gun size can modify your to hit roll if the gun is in a pillbox, winter camouflage will as well.
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    Pegasus Bridge Howard's Men

    No as they are not scenario Attackers. Unless the SSR specifically allows them to use cloaking, if it did, you wouldn't be asking the question! :)
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    Encirclement and fanatic troops

    Yes, that is my understanding. It cropped up where we had an encircled unit that produced a hero and then went fanatic... It just seemed a bit odd that the hero would be affected by this.
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    Encirclement and fanatic troops

    That is my reading too. Thanks.
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    Encirclement and fanatic troops

    Heroes don't suffer the morale drop, but do they suffer the fire penalty? A qualifying target Location is thereafter marked with an Encirclement counter and every non-berserk, non-heroic enemy/Melee Personnel unit therein suffers an immediate one level drop in morale to both the attack that...
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    Detection and Foxholes and Assault Movement

    A12.15 . A unit forced back to an entrenchment/shellhole Location can derive no TEM benefit therefrom vs any ensuing Defensive First Fire, although it can for any Defensive Final Fire or subsequent attacks. I woukd have thought youd end up in the open ground part as you woukd need to spend an...
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    Help with Extensions

    You might need to go into preferences and reprint vasl to your extentions.
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    Question on SR in Q18 Take the Crossroads

    B28.8 further references B24.74 for general clearance. They ge the modifier for all clearance attempts.
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    Manila HASL - Good news, Bad news

    I have too much stuff already... I can't wait!