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    What Non-ASL game have you played recently?

    Playing quite a bit of King of Tokyo just now. Simple family game. One I keep losing
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    Armies of Oblivion

    They just announced the previous order closing as well as posted pics of it set up to assemble. I think it will begin at the end of next week.
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    Free Beer in Cleveland!

    We stand a better chance this year. I'm not going.
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    Second Chance Games - Email-address?

    I struggled to order on my tablet but managed fine on my phone. I suspect you are right about the browser.
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    Explanation of Broken Ground Design's Counter Art

    Got them on the board for the first time this week and they looked great!
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    Fire Limitations after Street Fighting

    I asked this same question a couple of years ago. It seems that your fire options are not limited by the CC counter except as they relate the reaction fire. You CC the vehicle and are marked CC and first fire. You can then final fire normally unless making a reaction fire attack whereupon you...
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    ASLOK....Right around the corner!!!!

    We did Niagara after ASLOK last year. It doesn't disappoint
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    ASLOK....Right around the corner!!!!

    Will ASK be spelled correctly?
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    Area Fire vs. Units out of LOS

    If there were a hidden unit in a location he could see, that unit would be hit with the crit, but the out of Los units would still not be affected since when the shot happened, there were no non hidden units in Los.
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    Vehicle/ordnance capabilities only in certain theaters

    It tends to limit the use of the ammo to a certain nationality. Cannister only for Croatian and Slovak use I think R = Romanian C= Croatian S = Slovak
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    Hatten CG I

    Not really looked too far into this but I thought there was something about armoured reinforcements not coming on until turn 3?
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    KGS RG charts

    Top German one is from CG2. Bottom German one is CG1
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    Pinned (or first fired) leader and unmarked MMC CCV

    Given the smc modifies the ccv of the squad and the text of A11.5 talks of each such of halving, I'm pretty sure it is -1 No matter how many units are pinned.
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    On prisoners and leaders in melee.

    I don't thinks prisoner counts as unbroken. Your best chance would be combining into one attack as that goes first. Given you do not need to kill the French, only survive, this is the way to go. Both leaders defend with the German squad as even if your stack has no effect, you leave him with a...
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    Pinned (or first fired) leader and unmarked MMC CCV

    And pin is only one such penalty. If they were subject to Area Fire as well, that would be another such penalty.