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    Adding white space to VASL maps

    You can still add blank boards to them.
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    Can a HT AA MG make a TH DR on an AFV?

    People often forget that as it has MA you need to add an extra VP for the vehicle.
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    Sry to Ask - but can a Vehicle setup at game start in a Stone Building?

    It only gets a bog check on VCA change. All standard modifiers apply. The +4 modifier does not though as it is only for entry.
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    Red October Campaign Game II

    The Russian getvsewer movemen5 so coukd move into the manhole and from there to the factory.
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    Hull Down, OBA and ATT

    I really should know this but a hull down vehicle on the edge of a hill. Does this affect OBA requiring a hull hit to have any effect? Similarly, does it affect Area Target Type and if so, does it matter if the firer is a mortar? Rules referneces would be nice but not required.
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    Gun CA Change on Recovery/Capture

    Fairly sure the “change CA on recovery” is a holdover from SL days.
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    Poll: How's your local ASL club doing?

    We can start this again over the winter if you want. Locally, we have a semi regular meet up which doesn’t happen over he summer as I work too much.
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    Smoke placed in residual fire lane hex

    If the squad is in the firelane then the smoke is placed before the attack takes effect. Although smoke does not affect the firelane, it does make the hex no longer open ground. So the ffmo will not apply even though the smoke DRM does not apply.
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    wall and hedge LOS example

    EX: In the 9.1 illustration, the 4-4-7 in 6Z9 can attack the 8-3-8 in X6 with a +2 DRM for the wall because both intervening wall/hedge hexspines are part of either the firing or target hex and neither of them has three wall/hedge hexspines on the vertex that is part of neither Z9 nor X6. If...
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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    Factories are buildings...
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    Can mapboards be rotated in VASL?

    Turn your monitor on it's side? :) more seriously, if you are playing with skype, then you can rotate the image on your monitor. To do this, you can just hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys and any arrow key to flip the screen 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees. The display will go black for...
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    Explanation of Broken Ground Design's Counter Art

    It's not that difficult, dark night, couple of guys, some 2 by 4...
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    Pinned OBA Observer Question

    I don't think an offboard observer uses either a radio or field phone as they take counter from and he does not.
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    This is what my tank crew counters look like in real life:

    looks like it malf'd after the first shot. Do ypou know if he made his repair roll? :)
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    DC placement from within SMOKE

    If you are in the smoke, no extra. If you are placing into the smoke, you pay the extra mf.