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  • Hi Dave, I'm still intended to do it but things got shoved to a back burner.
    I'm fairly flexible as to dates so if any suit you guys better than others let me know.
    Yours Aye
    Yep that sounds good, I get home on Sunday night after ten will call you on Monday night if that is ok?
    Your house sounds good Paul probably go for the 20th unless you fancy a Saturday game.
    Will we leave the choice of scenario until the day of the game or do you want to e-mail me.
    Looking forward to rolling those 10's.

    Hi Dave, I get home sometime tomorrow and am of this week, would like to get another session in if possible? Are you off anytime this week or available one evening?

    Dave it was the 11th we were going to be playing, Martin was wondering if we would like to go up there for the day to play some of the new CoS Kursk stuff one scenario with !00 tanks!!!!
    Dave am home from the 9th till the 18th this month ok , olly
    ps vinnie is wondering about dates for a game up there ?
    Change of schedule am home tonight, the 13th till the 22nd due to back injury!
    ok dvae am home on the 26th of August for 10 days , how did the game against paul go? I have paid for thr Arnhem tournament, so will be going to that for 3 days before coming home for a week in September.
    Save good luck against John on Saturday, I am home for the oneday then off too the algarve for two weeks, then back in Scotland for another two days, then back over here for four and a halfweeks!!!

    I take it you mean 1 weekend in May ;-) Nightshift does that to you....

    June is fine. Tyrant's lair again, or perhaps something from Witches cauldron (Oosterbeek). I have 3 VASL games on the go at the moment, so no ASL drought at this end ;-)


    Dave will be home on the 15th till the 23rd ok so if we can get a game in then that would be great

    back after my trip down South. Hope the fire at Ninewells hasn't affected your planned rota too much.

    Fortified building locations: you may have been on a sticky wicket with your set up. You fortify from the ground up, so your level 1 and level 2 fortified stairwells would have been illegally placed. I think the key is probaly to fortify all the stairewells at ground level and to continually feed squads into the locations from the centre of the building on level 1, and hope the 155mm doesn't get a crit....



    Thanks for the game today, really enjoyed it. As always with ASL there was much rule book flicking :laugh:

    There is good article on SMOKE in Journal No. 1, well worth a read if you get the chance.

    HtH is automatic when the Japs are the attackers/ambush in CC. Not sure how that sits with the deluxe HtH rules.

    We did the smoke stuff correctly, AREA fire for ordnace and mortars, hit all locations in the hex, even if the roof was the target :clap::hurray:

    Hope Mrs. B. is on the mend as soon as possible:thumup:


    dave am not back till the 20th of june for a week maybe get a game in then??
    Hi Dave will be back on the 7th of Feb any chance of you managing a game next week?
    will be home in the Cupar on the 22nd for two weeks will be in touch , olli
    Latest update, SHOULD? be home on the 31st of this month!!!! keeping my fingers crossed
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