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  • Tried to rep you but I need to spread some love around. I was trying to say that you don't know how to pass a drug test. Studying won't work but vitamin B and lots of water does.
    "How many times I have to tell you to keep your hands out of my arse, I'm not a muppet!"

    "Psych - proudly making filthy things even more filthy from 1968 :angry:"

    Hey, haven't given up on Warsaw in late 2012. If I do go up North, I'm counting on you to guide my party. Deal?

    You will forever be welcomed here in the San Diego area.
    "I think that if you'll find out how to know the number of threads started, you'll want to beat it, and you will be the only man in the whole world, who made more threads than posts"

    thanks for the music exchange. not all of the bands were good--the Crypts got laughed at, especially from the beer garden. and there's a short video of an argument with the audience after their performance. it's definitely not my cup of tea (the Crypt's type of sampled music/performance art) although Steve Snere is certainly a spirited performer.
    Unfortunately, I missed Shelby Earl's performance so that's not me in the audience. It was nearly 1a.m. when we left and I'd been up since 5:30a.m.! I'm too old for that sh!t :) I was over by the sound boards at the front on the left side.
    No worries - I wanted to rep you a second time for "The Darkthrones" - that was brilliant.
    Thanks, the problem is others will not understand the "why" of needing to look at it that way. Are we glad he's dead? yes. Are we concerned...niot really but you need to realise how far things could go.
    Sorry about the tragic loss of your President and his wife. May your country quickly recover and grow from this experience.
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