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  • Hi Chas,

    At the moment, I am quite busy with 2 large playtest projects. But I expect to be finished with one of them by the end of 2022. I'd very much like to help out with the Peleliu project at that point if any help is still needed. I know it can be hard to find playtesters for Caves, Seaborne Landings, Night, DTO, etc. I want to be part of the solution to that.

    Let me know if I can help.

    John Knowles.
    You would be entirely correct with regard to my posted comment. My feelings are a mixture of awe at BFP's way of doing things and delight at having more very good ASL crack to look forward to (I have a pre-order with SCG for 2 PiF, postage, customs, customs collection charges, keeping my usual ASL dealer in business, etc reasons, I hope you understand). While I regard BFP, LFT, LCP and FrF as all being high quality, BFP has a big "Oomf!", "Shazam!", whatever way you want to describe it, impact about it. The first TPP product that I had such a reaction to was OtO from HoB which I believe you had a little something :laugh: to do with.

    I made my comment because it was an aspect that had not been mentioned before. The sheer scale and detail of coverage for PiF and CoS, which were limited campaigns (~ a month), is an aspect/virtue of its own. B&J, being from '32 to '47 might be less surprising, though still very impressive. As I said, only BFP would. Thanks for the rep as well.
    I know it's him. At first it seemed like Holst using a spellchecker and less acidic towards MMP but still definitely pro-CH. BUT then he slipped up and talked too much about the company and ultimately used I instead of referring to Ray like he usually did. Now it's just obvious trying to convince others to stop producing boards and stuff.
    You'll notice he acknowledged you BUT he did edit out his name when quoting you. ;)
    At first I thought it was another Holst pseudo and said so to Wolkey and some others. Then I saw his slip up and realized who it really was and told the others. Wolkey then said that he did the same thing on CSW and got caught and banned.
    Notice I've called him Ray two times when he posted something similar to what he posted in the PiF thread? He's trying to convince other companies to stop what they're doing so it will help CH corner the market. And both times he has responded to others while ignoring my question or statement each time. :)
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