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  • Thanks for the story. I think the sad thing is that Hillary has a good chance of winning the election. The media will protect her all the way through, and the Clinton's always understood that contemporary American politics is less about policy and more about personality. All she has to do is come across as a "strong woman," and the low information voter (i.e., the 20% of the electorate that have no clue about what goes on in the world of American politics outside of the election cycle) will line up and vote for her. I think the only way to take her down is go to as far right as she is far left. If we nominate a squish republican like a Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, we are done.
    That was a good show...right up to the last few episodes. They had such a good dynamic in the beginning! The characters were interesting, and the fight scenes were epic. I always thought - and still believe - that the first half of the show would make for a great movie.
    Sorry, forgot to get back to you on this. I found the AI discussions interesting. As for stories in gaming...I am not sure. I think like one poster wrote: a good story is a good story. Sadly, most games do not have good stories, even the ones that try really, really hard, like RPGs. :D I am really at a loss to think of a single game where the story was good to the point where if it was removed from the game, it would make for a good movie. Usually, most stories just come across as mediocre "B" movie scripts. And as I said elsewhere, the nature of gaming, where you stop/start/restore/etc, isn't really conducive to good storytelling, so it might just be a flaw of the medium. I think that is why "sandbox" games are so popular - players rather tell their own story.

    But, sure, feel free to start a discussion here on these topics if you wish.
    The website is getting old. It hangs on me, eats my messages, double-posts my messages. Getting annoying. As for your Cowboy Bebop artwork, I think you got your money's worth! It was very nice! Space Dandy continues to disappoint. I thought the ramon episode was the best yet, but it still left something to be desired. I just don't like the lead character. Like I said before, he just reminds me too much of Johnny Bravo in space. I find him annoying more than interesting. It seems a waste because I do like the setting. I love pulp sci-fi, and this one has a lot of pulp in it. But so far the stories have been...goofy at best. Like you said, it needs to sober up.
    I don't know what happened, buy I am seeing a bunch of messages from you that I never was notified about! For example, that Cowboy BeBeop artwork! Awesome! What do you mean you got it commissioned? Oh, I finally saw Space Dandy...I don't know what to say about it. It reminds me of Johnny Bravo in space. While I occasionally get a laugh, mostly from the cat alien, the rest I find to be stupid and juvenile. Last, yeah, I heard about Norbsoft (I posted a link to the podcast somewhere on the forum). I am happy to see a new engine in the works, but I question this detour into Napoleonics. That doesn't make sense to me. Your reputation is build on being the best ACW wargame out there...so you switch to Napoleonics?!? I am also concerned by the mention that they are considering only making and updating the new engine but counting on the community to make new battles...that is always a nice idea but it never works our because most people want to play a game and not make it.
    And the stupid PM system just ate my last message again, so I'll post the last part here:

    Never got a chance to get back to EU4. LOL! What I saw I liked. I give Paradox credit: they didn't just reskin CK2 but created a game that seems like it stands on the shoulders of CK2 - if you play CK2 the learning curve will not be as harsh - without just being a reskin of that game, just with a later time frame.

    Paradox really is proving to be the champion of gaming based on the last two years. I went from having shelved grand strategy games to now playing them more than ever!
    Sorry, didn't see your post on Space Dandy! I'll check it out! I don't leave the gaming forums that much anymore. LOL!
    I checked the gameplay vid and it looked kinda ponderous to me, too. But thanks for the recommendation. I might check it out one day, too.
    No rush! Take your time. I won't have a chance to do any minis work until after Christmas anyway. :) Good luck on the finals!
    Hey Brandon,

    I remember you telling me that you hang out over at some minis websites. Do you recommend any in particular?
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