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  • Thank you for the rep, much appreciated. I came across it in my YouTube wanderings by accident, but thought his speaking style was quite engaging at least, even entertaining, no funereal seriousness there (maybe it's an Irish taste thing). Secondly even if he has got somethings wrong, as is likely with all history, there was enough there that I agree with that also overturned "common wisdom" to be worth people's time. As others have said, a sprinkle of salt and look at other sources. Anyway, at least it seems to have made people think, which is the most important thing in my mind.
    Hi Kev. Just a short note to let you know there are a couple of the Fife boys coming up to Aberdeen on the 11th Novemebr for a game. I know it's quite a hike for you but you are more than welcome to join us. Drop me a line if you want any more details.
    Yours Aye
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