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  • Possibly, depends on work demands. Mid week is out of the question, Fridays are ok. i have couple of functions to attend in Sept. So prospective dates would be handy.


    Martin was speaking with dave last night and we are both going to try and get up one friday next month for a game with you guys , might manage to drag john as well , takes a while to get theseguys going!!!! will contact you from my Air conditioned Volcano at a later date, need to make sure no satellites are overhead when i do lol
    Exactly, it's all about (dis)respect to the law and possible effects of it. Sadly, people are in general more emotional than analytical, it may be difficult for some to see the problem
    Hi Martin, just to say thanks for the downloads, now have around 30 scenarios less to collect :) Also sorry it was such a short visit!
    I got your last PM. I would respond but you are over your quota. I wish you the best of luck and don't envy you the work :) -- jim
    Well that's 4 messages I've got today so it seems it's all been done. I've forwarded them to you. If only they'd confide it was sorted they could have avoided all this since post from the States does take quite a while.
    Yours Aye

    Also, so I can confirm to Dave, Ray & Maureen that I've received nothing, could you forward me on the mail you sent earlier or Ray's response?

    My email is:

    Many thanks,


    I was just thinking about this an hour or two ago.

    No response whatsoever, I email Ray, as per Dave Lamb's last email in the relevant thread, almost 6 weeks ago. After a week or so and no reply, I emailed him again. No response, no counters.

    CH are totally on my **** list. They've lost a sale (Hell's Bridgehead) and are likely to lose many more from me.
    Got an email from CH on the replacement counter issue - hopefully we'll both have a resolution soon :)
    There are a few LWers on the board. Even more if you consider everyone that Tate calls a LWer an actual LWer. Some, like Chas, gave up arguing with RWers mainly because of people like Tate.
    Me either. His posts are long winded and chart filled but there are other people who disagree. Who knows who is right? But it is always his position that the Right is right and the Left is wrong. Everytime. ;)
    "Ou are aware that MrP is a petrochemical geologist? This is actually his area of expertise."

    Gee, who is Tate going to believe? Someone from the US or a libtard foreigner? Someone that agrees with him or not? He gets most of his thoughts from Doc anyway. :thumup:
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