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  • FIREFOX dame: congratulations for a pleasant and successful ambush. I'm used to seeing cheesecake (and that morbidly huge broad in the Steelers jersey!) in the Mila 18 thread.
    Of course Tate knows the history of Northern Ireland better than my friend Eammon who actually lived there. :rolleyes:
    Hi Vinnie. In a message you sent in March '09, I totally missed the term 'ASLOL' - priceless. You, me, and trev should work up a few parody scenarios under the brand name Not HASL (NHASL - pronounced 'nasal'). Italians trying to kidnap the Vichy Premier or a battalion of Japanese paras attacking a 10 hex island are possibilities. If there's a game ripe for it, ASL is it. I hope to get back into FTF ASL soon.
    Forget the rules lawyering and other nit-picking. FOBA is ASL, with well-written AAR's a close second.
    An informal rep point for 'Ice [B 21.6].' Am about to start Onslaught to Orsha. Looks like great fun.
    I was actually in Montreal once - a 45 minute layover at Dorval Airport, in 1990 on my way, ironically, to Scotland. It was dark, and I never even got to look out the window. :laugh: My only trip to Germany was the same way - a layover on the way home that same trip, flying via RAF. Never left the airbase. Oh well - it was a good thought, but I don't know any Montrealers. Portal might, he's more well connected across the country than I am - and there is always the magic of VASL of course. Cheers.
    Montreal is 3,028 km from where I live...that's almost three times as far as it is from Edinburgh to Berlin. Consider it the same as flying from Edinburgh to Turkey, though that trip is still shorter than Calgary to Montreal. :D Michael R. on the forum lives in Montreal and should know some players out there. You may want to try him, too, if you haven't done so already. Unless your friend is thinking about moving out West?
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