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  • Hey Brian- spoke with Rick and Chas about playtesting some Bounding Fire stuff and was told to look you up- I'll be in Wed evening at some point and will find you
    Hey Brian - I see you're lobbying for a beta test spot on Combat Mission: Campaigns. I was a beta tester and scenario designer on that project and while I am still under an NDA, and can't discuss any details with you, I can certainly suggest to you that your time and talent would almost certainly be underappreciated if not entirely wasted - all in my opinion. Just looking at what has been released publicly about the project is enough to fill one with trepidation about what the result will be - I'm not sure your suggestion

    that you might influence the team in a favourable way would do anything but fall on deaf ears. If I'm wrong, I'd be pleased to hear it - good luck either way, but don't be too disappointed if nothing great comes of it.

    Great to see you at gamesquad, by the way.
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