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  • Hey Jim, thanks for the rep. Tried to send you a private mess but it tells me your box is full. Would like to make your son an offer on some 15mm German stuff for his FoW endeavor.
    I haven't looked in a coupla weeks. I'm on fb pretty much every day now. Football season pulls me away from everything pretty much. Haven't even looked at ASL stuff in awhile. We're finally goin to finish with the bankruptcy in June. Money's real bad right now cuz of that & cuz my HS friend moved in with us in Apr. I went up to Shreveport & saved her from some sh!thead she was livin with the past few years. He always beat her up & she finally said she'd come live with us.
    Measures whether you have enough room to bypass or not. I'll give you one the next time I see you.
    I used to live there before I moved to BR. Bogalusa is right next to the Ms border up near the corner of the "boot." BR is right in the middle of the lower part of the state. It's @ 90 min depending on how you drive.
    From KK's messages: "I don't even talk to my own wife let alone yours."

    Jim, You could never be an "@rse-hole"....

    But maybe, (as Psycho would say): "A Lame-Ass Dip-wad"........

    Or my favorite is B@ss-t*rd (aka, "Fish-feces")......
    I did not realize you started playing......

    I do not know a ton of Dead (ripple, standing on the moon, deal are about it).

    I am currently working on Touch, Eyes and Stella Blue.

    I actually do not know the "5ths". i never learned them

    I do have Bird Song tabbed somewhere.....
    Didn't your uncle know that there are other letters in the alphabet besides "J" to start a name?
    All of their initials are the same, J.A.L.:hush:
    Yes. I will be there. Too bad you can't make it for the whole weekend. I look forward to CR Maple. I will bring a bottle of something good. See you there.
    "That's what she said!" - The last turn cheese thread

    Thanks dude! :thumup:
    "Don't pass it to Psycho, it will have less in it than when he got it."

    "That was before I met you. I might have chosen the latter if I had known people like you existed."

    snick... hey! :angry:
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