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  • Dammit. Started watching Claymore again!! I know the anime botches the ending but it does a damned good job of following the manga up to those episodes!!! :hush: It appears I had also forgotten how bitchy and annoying Raki was.
    Oh! I forgot to mention in the messages that I've been watching Rick & Morty. Freakin hilarious! Rick is just s*buurp*sooo fr-freekin awesome. N-n-n-nooo one can understand his genius, but. But Morty does. Right Morty?? *Passes out drunk*
    Hey Scott, I will eventually answer the PM but right now I have quite a bit of schoolwork to take care of :(
    You and I will have access to a button where it will be possible with a single click to "promote" a post from the forum to a full fledged article on the new homepage. That's a handy feature to have.

    To be honest, I should have done this years ago.
    Good. I'm doing a few final tweaks, but it should be 100 percent complete by tomorrow evening. And then, at long last, I will turning on the CMS so the forum will be the GS homepage and we can post articles with that.

    I realize we're all just volunteers at this point, but you, of course, will have permissions to manage and post articles just as you always have. There's no easy way to import content from the old homepage system, but if there are specific articles you want to keep, you will have an opportunity to manually copy and paste them into the new system should you want to do that. I may repost a few of my old ones just to ensure everything works properly. It's a pretty simple system so I don't envision any issues.

    Obviously, I'm not asking you to post anything, I'm merely ensuring you have the tools necessary to do it should you feel inclined to contribute something. I'm going to make an effort to start posting some things, if for no other reason than I just feel like doing it.
    You make a great point about shooters! I sometimes tend to forget about that genre lol. As for NEOTOKYO, there is acrimony?? Never would have guessed. And maybe! My oldest games come from the 90's lol!

    Also, I asked a few questions of the day over at Video Game Geek. Thought you'd be interested in reading their responses. Should I port them over here to generate some discussion?

    Why do some games get the A.I. right while others do not? & Do you think certain genres have the edge in storytelling due to their general make-up in play style and presentation?

    What's my point here? I don't know. LOL! I guess its just that I have my limit when it comes to older shooters. Sadly, I took a look at some gameplay video of Neotokyo and it just looks too dated for me. I could get over that though, but I see the community is only around 280 people at this time , so that is not good for a competitive shooter. I also heard that their is some acrimony between the original dev, the mod crew, and the community, something that spells trouble for the health of this F2P version of the mod. But you are right, most games are "never too old to play". However, having said that, I see the oldest game in my Steam library is 2008 - Mass Effect. Maybe that is the limiting year for me? :D
    I hear you on the old games. And I do agree for the most part. But when it comes to shooters, I tend to be more unforgiving. Personally, I think shooters have undergone the most evolution of all game genres; when you play an old shooter, you can really sense the lack of modern conventions that have become the norm (iron sights, unlocks, etc) For example, I've been playing CSGO for awhile now and even though that particular version is only two years old, the game mechanics are still identical to the original CS of some 10 years ago, something you can feel right away. Now, CSGO can get away with that because of its modern facelift, as well as excellent gameplay design (and even here it took me over a year to come to grips with the game!), but other games...not so much. And while I am not all about the graphics when it comes to games, I do expect more from shooters because the quality of graphics can actually affect your performance, not to mention being vital to the immersion.
    Haha yeup! ;) And you know something, a game is never too old to play. (Hell look at the games I play!) All of them are "outdated," or have "shitty graphics" and "terrible or clunky gameplay mechanics." Most of those games are ones I never even played! I still played BF1942 and BF2 as well as Red Orchestra's MP or even Battlefront 2! Gamers are extremely judgmental when it comes to games, especially older games, you know the ones most older gamers consider classics or just good games from that era(s). And I bet these gamers are the same people that would play AVP in a heart beat if it was released for free. I personally do not listen to other games when it comes to older games. I play them and enjoy them. YOU will always find people playing it. (Also the NEOTOKYO reviews are all pretty solid so far.)
    Figures you would already know about the t-shirts! LOL! :D And yes, I saw Neotokyo on steam. I was going to try it, but a lot of people were saying it was too old to even bother. Don't know if that is true or not. Gonna wait and see how it does in the Steam rankings. I hope it does well because I would love a cyberpunk shooter.
    I saw that a few weeks ago. If you take a look at the wording behind Spike and the Swordfish, those are the names of the episodes listed which is a very nice touch! I also have 2 other Cowboy Bebop shirts from them lol! Now I'm just waiting to see what other anime shirts they put out.
    Link to my Star Wars: Edge of the Empire PBF campaign on RPGGeek if you are interested. I'm playing as Jovel, the Bothan. Link to the RPG itself on Fantasy Flight Games' website.
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