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  1. T

    I want more of this kind of thing in my customer relations...

    I think if BF dealt with more criticisms in the manner Kwazydog in this thread... ...they'd have a lot less annoyed customers. Just a simple "Yep, we wish it was better, too. We're going to try to make it better."...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    CM:N forum is finally up and new title announced: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy it is
  3. T

    What was this all about at BFC

    Did I miss something...I assume it is a reference to MD. Also note I see no official warning issued . I hope none of the beta testers ever come here and claim some kind of double standard...
  4. T

    Syrians are artificially disadvantaged in CMSF

    While Syrians are at a disadvantage in real life, night fighting just twists the knife. One of the few counters to US superiority in night fighting technology would be flares and other forms of illumination. Instead, CMSF doesn't allow for artificial illumination. The Syrians now cannot only...
  5. T

    Lets see what happens at BFC

    I stopped posting about CMSF at BFC and here because I felt that BFC was targeting specific people who were giving them a hard time about the state of CMSF on release. Take a look at some of the posts here and tell me that BFC shouldn't be handing out warnings, if only to be consistent...
  6. H

    New life at BFC forums due to imminent theatre change?

    Is it just me or do you sense a small surge in interest for the world war 2 theatre engine at the CM2 forums? Cheers! Leto
  7. Geordie

    New SF review Seems a fair assesment to me, but I bet this guy may become the new Devil of the Beta boys for not giving the game a perfect 10!
  8. T

    Here's BFC's real problem...

    This thought keeps occurring to me as I read all these threads...maybe someone's mentioned it before. I was looking at the design credits for Far Cry 2 (it's a long story), there's 62 skillion people who worked on that sucker (really, I counted them). BFC is working with one programmer...
  9. kawaiku

    Questions about our CM Conduct

    Heya guys, I've been a fan of the CM series since I first purchased CM:AK in a local gaming store and now currently own CM:BO-CM:AK. This was the first site I visited and joined that pertained to the CM gaming series and community and I've never left it since. This is due to all of the great...
  10. Geordie

    The Emperors New Games

    The latest round of BF insults over their Tiger screenshot has got me thinking about the whole CM thing in general and the attitude that they seem to have towards their customers. I have decided to withdraw from the BF site for a while, its not a conducive atmosphere to debate gaming issues, it...
  11. Michael Dorosh

    Support Charges

  12. Michael Dorosh

    Guys from Saskatoon should be banned

    from BFC. Friend of yours Leto? I understand he's trying to be helpful but I wonder if he knows what he's saying? "Dear BFC: I found your game in a bargain bin. I know you can't possibly be making money off of it when...
  13. Michael Dorosh

    Would you hire this man?

    From BFC: Steve: CM:SF is used a bit by the US military officially and unofficially. Very niche, unlike Steel Beasts and VBS2. CM:SF has three major "deficiencies" that are holding it back from more widespread interest by the military: 1. The player has too many hats to wear. The military is...
  14. T


    You have to be freakin kiddin me! While having this back is overall a good thing, I sure hope Steve is embarrassed that several of his customers pointed out this exact same thing over six months ago and he and his buddies roundly...
  15. G

    Did the forum migration hurt?

    Not that this was the busiest forum in the world or anything. But it was somewhat steady for quite awhile. Seems like, since the migration and the moving of the forum, things have fallen off quite a bit. Do people not know it moved? To lazy to follow links and update bookmarks? Seasonal thing?
  16. Michael Dorosh

    Tactical Shortcomings of the new game engine

    A new "why does Shock Force suck" thread at BFC: My favourite part is where Thomm displays his inability to count to three, but nothing new for my least-favourite beta tester. Other highlights are a non-responsive response from Jon Sowden in the form of a pronounciamento that doesn't...
  17. Michael Dorosh

    Nice try Geordie, but we're finished Love this response: This is the same "realistic" urban warfare modeling that doesn't have actual weapons drills ("controlled pairs" when firing at targets (i.e. the old double tap), or room clearing drills (or rooms for that...
  18. F

    Steve of BFC is the new Derek Smart?

    I’ve been on the Battlefront forums since probably the second year of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord and in addition to being utterly appalled and more than a little distressed by the direction BFC as a whole has taken, I can’t help but see some striking similarities to Steve’s behavior and...
  19. Michael Dorosh

    Battlefront Repository Launches Announcement and link above.
  20. H

    Who here goes to the battlefront forums?

    I've gone to check out these forums every now and then, and find them both interesting and... wierd. There are some strong personalities in the mix over there... Are the majority of the people who visit and post on these boards battlefront playtesters? Cheers! Leto