1. WuWei

    Riley's Road - ongoing game

    This is not a "proper" AAR, most of all, because it's not after the action. Those are just a few comments on and highlights of our ongoing Riley's Road Campaign Game (the return match). This time: CG Date 1, 19AM: Pre-game and 1st turn As some might remember, I lost the first time we played...
  2. von Marwitz

    FrF89 Red Tears Shed On Gray - AAR

    FrF89 Red Tears Shed On Gray - AAR Note that Hexrow R is NOT in play - it was added because otherwise the LOS tool of VASL was offset. An early East front scenario that pits the Romanians vs. the Russians. The Romanians have a pretty good force of 16 squads, 4 of which are Assault Engineers...
  3. von Marwitz

    SP213 The Mighty Have Fallen - AAR

    SP213 The Mighty Have Fallen - AAR Picture of situation at the End of Japanese Turn 4, when the US conceded. Interesting PTO-action that pits a more than 50% Elite Japanese force with excellent leadership supported by half a dozen thin skinned tanks against a dozen early US Philippine Army...
  4. von Marwitz

    J43 3rd RTR in the Rain - AAR

    J43 3rd RTR in the Rain - AAR After a couple of years I played this one again when one of my opponents proposed the scenario, once more as the defending Germans. Also in this second playing, the game was fun. In the early game, I was quite lucky to inflict some breaks on the British advancing...
  5. von Marwitz

    Grenadier 2017 - AARs for 8 scenarios (See list & links within)

    As to avoid double posts, I will provide links to the individual 8 AAR's of the scenarios that I have played at Grenadier Tournament 2017. These all include a map of the scenario and the OoB's. List of scenarios: YASL 2 – Initial Skirmish vs. Sebastian Hummel...
  6. von Marwitz

    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell - AAR

    DB136 The Block on the Trail to Hell - AAR Little PTO action that is bound to become close and personal. A force of Marines must blast free an area of Japanese GO units. The Marines have serious firepower, 2 DCs and a FT. The Japanese are well equipped with SW, may set up entrenched and have a...
  7. von Marwitz

    J159 Tropic Lightning - AAR

    J159 Tropic Lightning - AAR My third playing of this excellent scenario. One of my undisputed all-time favorites. This time, I was the Japanese. This game went fast because Lady Luck was surely caressing me. In the initial US movement, one American stack was whacked by a HIP Japanese 347 to...
  8. von Marwitz

    ESG#21 Dying To Kill - AAR

    ESG#21 Dying To Kill - AAR I played this as the Russian. As we felt the scenario is pro Romanian, we used the follwing balance: Russians get extra 4x "?" counters and exchange 2x426 by 2x447. The Romanians have an absolute crack force featuring 6x 447AE's, a 10-2, 9-2, 8-1 infantry- and a 9-2...
  9. von Marwitz

    SP22 Tod's Last Stand

    SP22 Tod's Last Stand A peculiar situation in which the British must fall back across a stream against slight HIP German resistance from the far side while being pressed by strong German troops from behind. After falling back, at least one unbroken British MMC must hang on to survive in at...
  10. von Marwitz

    ESG#107 Put Out The Searchlights

    ESG#107 Put Out The Searchlights First Playing: What was the ASL wisdom that everbody knows and yet everbody doesn't act upon now and then? Read the Victory Conditions carefully! Doh! I overlooked the part that "Each controlled multi-hex building *WEST* of the canal is worth 1 VP". Playing...
  11. hongkongwargamer

    J191 Rebels without a Pause (Graphic)

  12. Vrosso

    BFP-129 A Bitter Day

    Took a look at this one because it was one of the highest rated games on Roar, and as it was my turn to be the attacker drew the Poles on this one. Looking at it, to me, the best strategy appeared to be hit part of the line hard and destroy as much as possible to maintain a numerical...
  13. Michael R

    G42 Youth's First Blood

    This is a scenario with multilayered VC that forces both sides to think hard about how their actions will impact their VC. At game end, the side having amassed the most points wins. Points are awarded at game end as follows: The Germans receive 1 point if they Control more board 10 stone...
  14. Michael R

    J167 Hart Attack

    J167 HART ATTACK is set in Tunisia, but has no desert specific rules. The scenario is a remake of a previous ASLUG presentation of the same action; the two scenarios use different maps and OBs. J167 uses one map, 7a with these terrain transformations: orchards are olive groves (2MF, 2MP, +1...
  15. Michael R

    Ap108 aar

    As the Americans, I chose the all-infantry option against Bruno L'Archeveque. I tried to use the orchards and shellholes to approach the village safely. It did not work. The first image shows the situation after the first American turn. I added things to the image like trenches, wire and HIP...
  16. Michael R

    Accidental AAR: O9 BEHIND IN THE COUNT

    This is an experiment to see if I can make a half way interesting AAR using the end-of-player-turn files that I save when playing by VASL. This image shows the setup areas with our random wrecks and rubble. The Americans need to control two or more of the Victory buildings at game end.
  17. Michael R

    Rodgers' ASLOK AAR

    Game 1 J14 ON THE HOSS’ SIDE versus Jim Mackay. Jim is a local player and sort of new, but been playing regularly for three years. He chose this scenario from a list that I published online before ASLOK. He wanted the Japanese so he could work on the caves and complexes rules. My Americans did a...
  18. WuWei

    BoF11 - Second Thoughts

    BoF11 – Second Thoughts Wingen-sur-Moder, France, 4 January 1945: I play the Americans and have to hold back an attack by crack SS troops. The Germans attack with four 838s, three 548s and lots of leaders, I have one 666, two 546 and one 536 – and my troops are lax and have an ELR of zero...
  19. G.L.O.A.T.

    Teaching my Wife to Drive

    There are some things married men SHOULD know better than to try. As it turns out, she is a much better driver than I am anyway, so this might be easier than I thought. What are we learning to drive then? Manual transmission? Sort of, I suppose, but no. "Tanks." "You're welcome." No...
  20. Michael R

    Mike's Winter Offensive AAR

    I decided to return to Winter Offensive for the first time since 2002. This time, I drove down over two days with a stop at the Best Western in Albany where the New York State ASL Championship is held. It was fun to see the snow disappear as we drove down to Maryland. I entered the game room...