Teaching my Wife to Drive


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Apr 9, 2014
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There are some things married men SHOULD know better than to try. As it turns out, she is a much better driver than I am anyway, so this might be easier than I thought.

What are we learning to drive then? Manual transmission? Sort of, I suppose, but no.


"You're welcome."

No, not that kind of tanks.

Big frikkin tanks. Tigers, to be specific.

Kim and I sat down to another ASLSK scenario. This one was DAE1, Ambush at De Hoop. We'd used Bazookas, mortars, MGs, FTs, and DCs already. We'd gone over Guns and the basics of the TH/resolution process. Seemed natural to break out the AFVs next.

The scenario is very small (3 Tiger Is for the Germans, 3 457's, 3 Piats, an LMG, and a 9-1 for the British) that is only 3 turns long. The Germans have to keep at least 1 Tiger alive, mobile, and with a functioning MA anywhere in the (very small) play area (6-16, hexrows B-H). The British all setup HIP (sort of, an SSR describes it, but it is essentially HIP).

The Germans all have to enter CE, on a single hex (B12) having already spent a bunch of MPs. There is an SSR that prevents the AFV from going BU until the APh of German Turn 1. The British set up 2 or more hexes from the German entry hex (B12).

Looked like a nice intro, though there really isn't much to this scenario at all. Certainly is a quick play though. We played twice (switching sides in between) in a little more than an hour, maybe 90 min.

I took the British first. Here is how I setup (they'll all start hidden).

View attachment 47602

Kim setup to come on map. The Tigers enter hex B12 having already spent 8 MP.

View attachment 47603

She rolls them on. Of note, just one of those ASL-isms is that though the tanks have already spent a bunch of MP, none of them have been in my LOS. I elect to hold fire until the DFPh, unless she drives into one of my hexes. Here's how it looked at the end of the MPh.

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She asked about sD7 (and M7* as well), just to make sure she remembered what we talked about. The promptly dropped a dispersed Smoke to help shield her tanks.

After my DFPh, here's how it looked.

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I managed to stun one with an 8FP+2 inherent FP attack, killed another with a 3 TK roll by a PIAT, and broke my LMG on another shot.

Otherwise, not much else happened. She fired her MGs from the motion tank (sitting in +2 Smoke), but didn't want to fire her main gun for fear of rolling a 12.

My turn brought a little more Prep Fire, but not too much. I managed to move up and advance into CC with one of the Tigers, but failed my PAATC and couldn't get into the other one's hex. CC was uneventful. Here's how it looked at the start of CCPh.

View attachment 47606

After this, it went south for Kim quickly. She moved her tank out of my hex (after trying her M7 and the sD7 without success). I was able to kill it with the PIAT. The last tank tried to start and drive away, and rolled a 12 for her mechanical reliability roll. We decided to back up and ignored that after talking about other options to get her CA/TCA better positioned.

Mostly result ended the same, just a turn later.

We switched sides, played again with me driving the Tigers. Came down to the last CCPh with her last remaining squad trying to take out my last Tiger sitting in the corner of the map (B16). She rolls a 4 on her CC DR. Another German loss.

All in all, a good scenario for introducing vehicles. A little short on excitement and not really many options for either player. Still, fast and fun.