1. C

    SB03 "Outgunned but Not Outfought"

    I just got finished playing through this scenario tonight, and I am so impressed with it, and with my opponent, that I felt the need to post here (my first on this thread). This scenario is one of Bill Wilder's ACW ASL variant. I had played through a couple of other scenarios from this...
  2. SonOfTheNorth

    AAR from ManClub: ASL1 - Fighting Withdrawl(sic)

    [tl;dr - Second full ASL game; having a great time.] So, R and I had a few hours to dive into ASL on Wednesday night. We looked in BV and Paratrooper for a short and...
  3. Michael R

    My CASLO XVI trip and AAR

    I need a minimum message, so enjoy!
  4. Michael R

    My Nor'Easter rounds

    Round 1 versus Peter Struijf. I need to check my records, but Peter might be my first European opponent. I say he counts as European even though he recently relocated to Halifax. We played a tense, but nonetheless pleasant, game of FrF30 Bidermann's Escape. I bid Russian and Peter bid German, so...
  5. S

    But there are no PANZERS

    Only Chas Smith would have the audacity to clutter up the ASL landscape with a title like Panzer Spirit for a scenario with no Panzers I suppose he would have named it Panzer Graveyard, but that was already taken. In fact, we have to give him style points for a scenario with SS, foxholes and a...
  6. Michael R

    My AAR of the New York State ASL Championship

    I had a very enjoyable weekend of ASL. Thank you Gary Trezza, Steve Pleva and Joe Leoce for organizing the New York State ASL championship. Thanks also to all my opponents who did not object to having my wife Diane sitting near by most of the time watching Netflix on her iPad. I don’t want to...
  7. S

    Using a ball peen hammer when a 10mm socket would do.

    Commissar Itledovich, you've just wiped out a company. What do you want to do now? Retreat to Soviet Disneyland, to draft explanation superiors concerning why Siberian Guards are saboteurs and counterrevolutionaries. And maybe do mineshaft ride with the kiddies. Really, how do they...
  8. S

    My Tooth is Aachen ITR5

    Marty gives me the business again. It was his *******ed scowling cat. I should have realized when the cat sat outside my door and chatted with Marty while my greyhound sat by looking stupid. At least the Buffs won and ended a 23 game losing streak outside the state of Colorado. I know...
  9. K

    First Timer ASLOK AAR

    This was my first year to ASLOK. Though I have been to other tournaments regularly since 2000, this was my first time running with the big dogs. I ended up 5-3 for the long weekend. Eight games is more than I’ve ever played at a tournament, but I had an early start on Wednesday. I will...
  10. S

    AAR: Hill621

  11. S

    Scenario Review: St6 A New Day Dongs...

  12. G

    Europe 1944 AAR: FabGov vs Lizard

    I am playtesting my new scenario 'Europe1994' with 'Lizard' (who's playing the Allies). Kurt is an experienced player/tester so this is going to be an interesting game. I will report every few turns and post a few screen captures. Kurt and I are discussing the details of the scenario design...
  13. H

    France ’40 AAR: The Battle of Abbeville, the Second day

    Today’s history lesson and Panzer Campaigns After Action Report comes from Abbeville France. Below is the scenario debriefing. The scenario is 12 turns long. The full AAR is on my wargaming site, with pictures, but here is a all text cut and paste: http://bluntforcegamer.com/?p=2112 I...
  14. K

    Pegasus Bridge CGI AAR

    Just finished scenario 1 of the Pegasus Bridge CG. Night I did not go well for the Germans - everything fell apart, especially the troops. Scenario ended after British Turn 6, saving the Germans from a total route. The German commander setup Trenches in W21, X16, and Z21 and Wire in W21...
  15. Rindis

    137 Italian Brothers - AAR In Progress

    As the previous scenario between me and Patch wound down, we had a chance to talk about what we wanted to do next. Patch mentioned that it had been a while since we'd seen the Italians (in fact, since our Primosole Bridge CG, where they didn't do so well thanks an ELR of 0). Having recently...
  16. Rindis

    J67 The Lawless Roads AAR In Progress

    After finishing the Market-Garden set, Patch and I are playing one of the early-war scenarios in Journal 4 featuring Carriers. The British are trying to clear a road through a village (no GO Germans on or adjacent to it), but the Germans are already strongly defending the town. In addition to...
  17. todd.jayhawk

    AAR - S3 Simple Equation

    I just posted a rather lengthy AAR about my solo play of S3 at BGG. I look forward to any comments or suggestions. http://geekdo.com/thread/479906/aar-s3-simple-equation-for-someone-not-me-of-cou
  18. G

    NATO vs WP circa 1978

    Dennis and I played this game in Feb of 2007. It's the single biggest game I've ever played and I enjoyed it immensely. Blue Commander's AAR: NATO vs WP circa 1978-79 Custom Scenario US Army, Map 540 - PBEM, January - March 2007 [Game notes: Chance of new artillery ammunition, new...
  19. nemo

    Western Front 1944 - Nemo vs Heldenkaiser

    This on-going AAR will mirror the one Dierk (Heldenkaiser) is maintaining here for our Western Front 1944 game. We won't be reading each other's AAR to keep the game interesting and open - so please use caution in the eventual comments in order to avoid cross-pollination between threads :smoke:
  20. D

    My First AAR

    Hi everyone. I've just written my first AAR. Have tried to write it from the officers Journal perspective however not ever being in the miliatary i have no idea what that actually is... :D :D but at least im honest. i've posted it on my blogg where it looks MUCH better. I'll be greatful...