1. von Marwitz


    WO18 A QUICK STRIKE - AAR Overview: This PTO action set in July 1943 pits the Americans vs. the Japanese in a battle of an Allied advance through very difficult terrain against a prepared Axis defence. It is an Infantry-only scenario that is even devoid of Light MTRs with the exception of...
  2. Michael R


    Elite and first line German infantry with 2 Pz4 try for multi-story buildings against infantry with 4 guns, mines and reinforcing infantry with 3 tanks. LOW AMMO
  3. von Marwitz


    AAR – AP169 THE BEASTS HAVE ARRIVED Set in April 1944 in the Ukraine, this scenario tasks a German SS-force supported by Panthers and Tigers to charge a Russian village situated on a hill and to secure a certain number of victory Locations in it. On the Russian side, a Guards formation...
  4. von Marwitz


    AAR - DB083 BLOCK TO BATAAN We are looking at an 1941 setting in the Philippines just after the landing of the Japanese. The US and Philippine Army desparately attempt to delay the Japanese onslaught to enable other troops to withdraw to the peninsula of Bataan. This scenario reflects the...
  5. von Marwitz

    AAR - WCW10 Stand And Die

    AAR - WCW10 Stand And Die I played this oldie but goldie by Scott Holst today. ROAR has it 50 Japanese / 43 Chinese as of 28.05.2023, so it has seen pretty much play with a quite balanced outcome overall. The action is set in December 1937and pits a Japanese force of 11 squads + 2 crews led by...
  6. Michael R


    I've written an illustrated AAR for SP150 THE LEGREW MANEUVER. In 1944 France, a German combined arms force tries to exit against an American combined arms force. https://lowammo.ca/
  7. Michael R


    I've written an illustrated AAR for RPT23 THE BAVENT RECCE. Members of the Canadian Parachute battalion conduct a reconnaissance of a German-held town shortly after D-Day. www.lowammo.ca
  8. Michael R


    I've written an illustrated AAR for CH21 A RIDGE TOO FAR. Marines undergo a seaborne evacuation off the beach while being attacked by the Japanese. https://lowammo.ca/
  9. von Marwitz

    AP172 Hickory Lickin' - AAR

    AP172 Hickory Lickin' - AAR NOTE: In the above picture, the German Setup area (black dotted line) is incorrect. The onboard German units must set up SOUTH/EAST-of Hex Grains 46GG9-T2-53N0, i.e. NOT INCLUSIVE of the hexes of the dotted 'triangle'. This would make the setup area a bit smaller...
  10. von Marwitz

    A25 Cold Crocodiles - AAR

    A25 Cold Crocodiles - AAR Scenario Overview: Well, 'Cold Crocs' is one of the classics of the classics I suppose. As of May 2021, ROAR has it at 188 British wins vs. 162 German ones, so it has seen a lot of play. The Excitement Rating is an incredible 7.61, which ranks it at no less than 4th...
  11. von Marwitz

    AP163 Dingoes At Damour - AAR

    AP163 Dingoes At Damour - AAR Scenario Overview: From the latest Action Pack #16, being tournament-sized and somewhat unusual in pitting Vichy French vs. Australian with tankettes and Carriers in Syria 1941, probably this scenario will see numerous playings. At least it has recently. My...
  12. von Marwitz

    AP86 Milling About - AAR

    AP86 Milling About - AAR Scenario Overview: This is a tournament size PTO action that has seen plenty of play with 43 Japanese wins vs. 46 British ones and received an exceptional Excitement Rating on ROAR of 7.14 by 83 players (as of May 2021). Almost perfectly balanced looking at the...
  13. von Marwitz

    J150 The Sangshak Redemption - AAR

    J150 The Sangshak Redemption - AAR Scenario Overview: This is a fine small PTO action which I can readily recommend to play. The the Japanese basically overrun a village and be done with it when Gurkha reinforcements appear on the scene who have to take it back. So both sides will have to...
  14. von Marwitz

    FT168 By Dawn's Early Light - AAR

    FT168 By Dawn's Early Light - AAR Note one Error in the below picture: The German 8-1 Leader should be a 8-0 Leader. Scenario Overview: This is a small 4 Turn scenario that can easily be played in one session. Setup is simultaneous, a dr decides which side moves first. These two factors...
  15. von Marwitz

    Leatherneck 2 #1 Airfield Fracas - AAR

    Leatherneck 2 #1 Airfield Fracas - AAR Almost 4 a.m. when I finished this scecario totally exhausted as the Marines. Our playing was rife with absurdities leading to utter frustration as well as amazement and disbelief. Our playing went until the last APh of Japanese Turn 7. Now after a...
  16. von Marwitz

    SP246 Triggerline Zoebel - AAR

    SP246 Triggerline Zoebel - AAR Scenario Overview: This scenario features an interesting and unusual tactical situation which is why I selected it for play. The Russians have to assault across two Foot Bridges placed as part of the setup. Russian AFVs can solely cross over a Pontoon Bridge in...
  17. von Marwitz

    ASL192 / G29 Shoot-N-Scoot - AAR

    ASL192 / G29 Shoot-N-Scoot - AAR Scenario Overview: I picked this scenario as I felt like playing something bigger than the usual tournament fare. With 8.5 Turns and roughly 15 squad equivalents and a dozen AFV per side, this one seemed to fit the bill. The defending Americans also have a...
  18. von Marwitz

    AP4 / ASL186 L'Abbaye Blanche - AAR

    AP4 / ASL186 L'Abbaye Blanche - AAR Somehow, I have never played this old classic before which has been republished in Yanks 2 as ASL186. Now I took it out as a small scenario to teach VASL. Set in August 1944 in France, this scenario is special in that the entire US order of battle sets up...
  19. von Marwitz

    DB106 Defending The Twin Villages - AAR

    DB106 Defending The Twin Villages - AAR I have just completed this scenario playing the attacking Germans. For sure, you will have some careful thinking to do when setting up a defence for this one. The Germans as well a well advised to ponder well what they want to achieve when. Quite some...
  20. von Marwitz

    J44 / ASL238 Audacity - AAR

    J44 / ASL238 Audacity - AAR Just finished playing this old classic which happened to be featuring recently in a tournament and has thus seen a number of playings on VASL. When I came across this scenario a while ago, I wondered why I have not played it before as it has a nice little size...