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    What happened to the Rules to the Ladder?
    I'm looking to start an Aslsk LADDER and would like the resource for guidance.

    Michael R
    Michael R
    I have no idea. That was Mark Humphries baby. I'll ask around.
    Hi Michael
    How do I delete my account ..
    Thank you in advance.
    actually I see where Bruno or Doug had sent me your email.... I'll send you the stuff.... also, Doug mentioned you might have some time to help us get data in the right format? We have some data already from Bruno but it is in various formats... cheers -- Marc
    Hello Michael, I heard from Doug Rimmer you are the contact for various Canadian ASL Tournaments? Doug asked me to be his sidekick to get missing data for AREA back from 2017 + to May 2020. I think you are aware of this, as you commented in the same thread

    Would you be willing to send me your email addy so I can get you the info Doug is setting out? Mine is marchanna.games@gmail.com.

    Thanks Marc
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