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  • Hi olli, just checking on things for tommorrow. What time are thingds expected to start? Drop me a loine or call on Aberdeen 740558.

    They file that I have will allow anyone to printout these vehicles and then paste them to blank cardboard pieces. They have been formatted to fit the large and small counters.

    Also, I have scanned the Hell on Wheels pack from the old days and want to know if you would like them in digits.
    I have the Rare German Vehicles in digits and they can be printed out. But the file is too big to send by email.

    I will try and use Winzip to make it smaller.

    Please send me an email at


    I will send it out to you if I can.

    Now the Chapter H pages, I only have them in B&W, I will try and scan them when I have time and get them out to you.

    Also, the visit with the doctor went weell for my wife. We now know where we stand with her condition and she will make a decision on what she would like to do next week.

    Thanks again for all the prayers.

    I used the yahoo transfer large files link which should mean that there is no size to the link. Basically it's an update to the eASLRB I gave you last time with amongst others CoS stuff added. I'll try sending it to your other address.
    Hi Olli
    Looks like I am working on the Sat./ Sun. 5th/6th this week Olli.
    Sorry we have to miss out on Stalingrad, again. Overtime beckons when industrial action is in the wind.
    If for some reason they cannot get the waiting lists goiing I will give you a bell as soon as.
    I think the last game of ASL I had was with John in July. Boy that seems like such a long time ago.
    Anyway Olli I hope you are feeling better and maybe we can get together for an a chat if not a game.

    All the best David
    resent the stuff now. I'd not looked at the address. There are two messages and the first has the wrong copy, you want the second one.
    Yours Aye
    My fav is the 'minimus'!

    A swim wear site where the first link is to introduce the models is my kind of swim wear site! :D
    Olli, drop me a note of your emai...I have something you might be interested in....
    Hoping to make it for sure, will bring a better bottle to that one !!!
    Sounds like a very good idea to me !

    Maybe at Grenadier ?!

    Would be great to meet you there !!
    Most, if not all of the extensions won't matter. Vanilla VASL contains all the main stuff. North needs changing though as that will alter the smoke and probably my set up......
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