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  • In case you didn't know... Holst said something basically like that to Martin one day. So of course I use it all the time on here and fb to taunt MM.
    Funny thats what most people say!! I found out about this site whilst working for CHC (Canadian Helicopter Company) the engineer's office used pics from them as screensavers!!
    "The reason is you are obviously right and he is obviously wrong and Morbii hit the nail on the head... "not worth it". That and ASLOK."

    I damn near shed a tear. Woulda repped you if I could.
    "just leave him your scenario designs... at least he'll be able to submit something good in the next monkeys contest."

    But then he wouldn't be submitting his own scenario.... oh, I see where you were going with that. ;)
    I check in every now and then but usually don't have time anymore to keep track of multiple topics. So I just stick to the ones that Psycho posts in.
    "Alotta Fagina! Good choice for the avatart!"

    Watched the Austin Powers movies again recently and went and found a pic of Fabiana Udenio right after. First saw her in Hardbodies 2 many years ago and then on Cheers a bit later. She is beautiful! :yummy:
    I gave you rep because posted off topic in Portal's cut MMP some slack thread... it just seemed like a good juxtaposition of all his off topic anti-MMP rants in a gazillion other threads...

    It certainly did tickle my funny bone...
    Hi James, Why did you give me rep for my question to Portal about BRT? Did it strike you as ironical? Tickle your funny bone? I'm curious, lol. You said it was a great post, but it just seemed pretty mundane to me....:hmmm: Anyway thanks for the rep! :thumup: Cheers. Jan.
    Hi James,

    Would it be possible to contact you outside of this forum,
    my email address is prospect33@gmail.com

    With kind regards
    Taylor, I need to get the VASL set up on my computer. What's all involved in setting it up? Wes
    Thanks, that's all I needed. An image of Pitman living in a glass house. I can just see him slipping into the tub-o-counters now. :kotz:

    PS: That's the majority of ASLers - hot babes. :whist:
    My wife wants to know why all my messages are from hot babes... err except the martian dude and the Emporer.
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