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  • Thanks Andy we were down in Cornwall last august, good trip, went to Minack an open air theatre on the cliffs wth the stage backdrop being the channel! amazing place. I think the last few scenarios are goin to be the hardest!! lol. Hope you get the MMP stuff for your birthday mate .
    Andy , got the stick back, thanks. Was at Hennie Van Der Salm's on my birthday and had a really good day, we exchanged over a hundred scenarios of the rare and hard to find so now i have less than 200 to find now.........
    Haha , know what you mean!!! been there and done it!!!, Am back over in den helder doing 3 on 1 off, so all in all a bigger pay packet in the end :) and looks like this year with all the new stuff coming out I am going to need it!!!!. Am not going to blackpool either, but do intend to go to some of the other tournments around europe this year.
    Ha well I land in North Shields around 9ish, depending on if the ferry from holland is on time!!! so that may be a tad early for you although I do not know how customs work there!if thats too early just let me know all is good with me at the moment, home for 8 days then over to Holland for 22 days home on the 21st for Xmas
    cheers Olli
    Hey Andy, Passing by your Gaff on the morning of 29th, are you working as I could meet up with you if not.
    hope all is well with the family
    just at the end of 9 weeks off, boy did I need it. so have been sorting out my ASL collection and playing on average twice a week! start back at work om monday next week. Have managed to get more rare stuff like MM08,09 and 10 as well as the Lone cannuck Abbeye pack was only available as a tourney prize. now not going to be able to go to intensive Boo Hoo, but after blackpool fiasco I will not play in a tourney for quite some time in the UK!!
    Hope you keep your job, and glad the family is fine, My youngest has just started her last year of Law!
    take care and keep in touch
    thats good andy, I get back to the uk on the 8th will get in touch then for info on picking you up ok? oh and get reading!!!!!
    thats great andy and as for reading the rules, it will all come back to you , Honest!!!!
    travelling back on the sunday and it is no problem at all to pick you up on route!
    we are planning on leaving early thursday morning and the other two with me are ok about picking you up on route.
    Yes this year!!! coming down with two others that I regularily play with , oh and bringing a good bottle down with me, Look forward to seeing you again
    I was hoping to. Depends on finances as I don't get paid until the 15th! Fingers crossed it's still a go though. And you?
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