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  • Hey Michael, firstly whishing you and yours a Merry Xmas and a Happy NewYear! just played a Stavelot Playtest with hennie yesterday! Nice map etc! also found a shop selling that really good Caol Ila 61% on saturday up here in holland 42 euros a bottle ( 1ltr) so bought 6 as you cannot get it in the UK now....
    Just a recommendation, for you. If you can gay a bottle of Talisker, 57 degrees north buy it, it is as good if not better than the Caol Ila that I gave you at Arnhem!! I kid you not!!!!
    hoping to make it there for sure, but will bring a better bottle there......
    you are more than welcome, was good to meet you this weekend, maybe have to start and ASL whisky tasting mini at the tournaments???
    Hello Mickaël,
    No problem but do you know that "Françoise" is a girl first name ?
    I'll try to go to Grenadier. Do you know when Christian will give the list of scenario ?
    (my German heritage coming out despite being English !)
    Hier ein Thread zu WP NMC
    posts #4 bis 6 bringen die klärung und C6.8
    Der TEM zählt nicht auf den To Hit
    Der TEM modifiziert den NMC.

    DAs heißt: meistens würfelt der Schütze nur gegen die Depletion von 6 - dank der generösen TH# (Range 4 : TH#6)

    Hab was zu AP44 geposted, weil ROAR 1-5
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