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  • You need an avatar, man! It makes following the postings in a big discussion a little easier.
    I figured I'd be a holdout.. I'll add one later today - I can see it being confusing :)
    "Because the comic book infotainment industry is full of leftist propagandists."

    I take that back. It's been about 45 minutes. Probably took his anger out on the dog as well. :)
    "So why don't you support the law of the land when it comes to abortion? :hmmm:"

    I see Tate's still in the P&R section but he's been awful quiet for the past 15 or so minutes. Probably looking up something in his Bible or just stomping around his mommy's trailer screaming. ;)
    "He thinks it's a choice because he's bisexual and had to fight half of his urges ;)"

    "It probably has more to do with the fact that they're growing up with the label "illegitimate" from scrotes like yourself.

    See? More than one possibility."

    I was going to post a response to his use of "that group" but I like yours better. That's what she said!
    "Re: Well that did in fact get me thinking. Tater, you are talking about "helping your neighbors in the right way." Very interesting.

    Ran out of rep, otherwise would have. You won't be seeing the scrote in that thread again (maybe he'll disappear in general, too!). It's like rubbing a cats face in its feces when it shits in the living room, only instead of feces hypocrisy. Well done."

    "The best part of this thread is that the drug-dealing scrote himself is the almost perfect argument FOR abortion. Or, post-birth abortion, anyway."

    Awwww! You're going to chase him away again! :cry:
    You are too kind. Then again you also seem to be the only one who noticed. Right now Houseman is really getting on my tits...
    Is it just me or does KED's atrocious spelling just make you giggle? And he thinks that Affirmative Action is what's keeping him from getting a cushy job? :triplefacepalm:
    "My guess is you'll be one of the first crying given that you're basically in the dole."

    Thu, 18 Oct 2012 01:17:13 -0700 (PDT)
    Thu, 18 Oct 2012 07:27:08 -0700 (PDT)

    Just checked message header actually 6 hours 10 mins but still a new Perry Record!!
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