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  • Actually, there's a bunch of antique sukers running around these fora! Tho I suppose a lot are busy sleeping......LOL!
    60 is just something that happens, neither good nor bad, eh? One gets tired easy, but still feels like a kid inside, LOL!
    Ah... you figure not enough new people coming in and just stagnating with what's left??
    Thanx for the offer.

    With my copious lottery winnings, I'll fly your way for ASL....until then...

    Mark DV
    What, talking about Sengo? Don't be silly. I'm actually glad you brought it up because it triggered an internal meeting here where it was decided that bringing back Sengo and WarfareHQ would be beneficial for all of us.

    At first I was only 90% sure this was the right move, but after all the positive comments I've gotten about it, I'm now convinced bringing these two sites back as part of a larger 'GameSquad Network' will be a good move over the long run. Of course, Sengo may be a little slow at first and the main GS forums will see a significant dip in activity once the wargame content is moved to WarfareHQ, but I'm betting these communities will do better this way, so I'm not overly concerned about a temporary dip in activity.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how these new forums develop.
    I thought that too at the beginning, and I really hope this isn't true, because if it's true, this is straight declaration of war to and from a country/group which did it...
    Yes, I do, I'm sorry I wont post in a while, but my President and half of his governement died in an accident... I think you'll see it in the news...
    Just a joke :), I know a lot of guys who play wargames with women, and I have no idea how they do it, since I have a problem to make a man play one with me (this doesn't sound too good), and sometimes I believe I'm the only one with that issue, hence the "jelousy" :p
    You think? Most have called in "thought-provoking". Its what happens when you work developing cameras and the staff photographer finally talks you into sitting for a comparative photoshoot between 3-5 competative cameras.
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