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  • "Gamesquad:
    You have 10,000s of cows.
    most never moo.
    some moo so much other cows ignore them."

    thanx back at you. I do NOT like giving neg rep. I ALMOST did to Tater once...but then his mafia hit team took me out, and I spent time getting my attitude re adjusted in a South American Prison...either that, or I figured if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing at alll. But his repetition of the f-bomb just really yanked my chain.

    Mark DV
    Ada, MI PS DO I owe you a rootbeer as well?
    I was a bit rash toward you and feel bad.

    Fact is, you were right. It was a non sequitur. My apologies.
    Whoah, but that's couple of hours, my greatest respect, I wouldn't have that much stamina :). I, for the one hand, like concerts 50% of the whole - love to see them, but hate to be on them, don't know why it's like that, guess that I'm born old in this case :). Still I'm sad that I didn't attend Alice in Chains when they were last year in Warsaw. If you had not hear their latest album, I highly recommend it, it's just brilliant piece of music.

    But I have to admit, that Shelby Earl has that something - she gives Bob Dylan this wanderer-like theme, it's brilliant.
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