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  • Glad you're interested in the books. Since that post was made way back in 2009 I would definitely add in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, the Conan books re-released in their original format by Del Rey. And lastly, The Later Roman Empire Vols. I & II by A.H.M. Jones if you can find them (I got lucky at a used bookstore). I used it as a source for a paper around that time and it heavily influenced my interests in the later Roman Empire in western Europe, specifically Gual and the early Middle Ages. Another one would be The Inheritance of Rome by Chris Wickham which delves into the early Middle Ages. I'll stop there as I've read sooo many books in the past..what is it... 4 years or so since that post that I could go on and on about each and everyone of them lol :laugh:
    I've met him, he signed my jacket, he seems like a good guy, and hes definately a consistantly great driver.
    Deal, I'm definitely not planning to go to anywhere outside of Poland before the end of the Euro madness, so consider me your giude for the time being :)
    That's cool. Nothing wrong with Bi as long as she invites her friend and her friend isn't pushing two bills. Never laid laminate before, but tile is real pain in the ass.
    Don't forget the box of doughnuts for your date tonight. At three bills, she is going to need some carbs to keep up her strength!
    Time is a wasting Dutch Boy. You opened your big mouth without thinking and threw it down. Funny thing is I picked it up and kicked your ass once again. If you got the proof of my hypocrisy, serve it up! Always figured you had some crazy thoughts, but lack of integrity was a new twist I hadn't seen before. Time to put up or shut up. Based on your silence, I got what I expected from you. Not much.
    Personally, I like Mini. Believe it or not, he was the first on this forum to extend me the offer of friendship which I gladly accepted.

    About your excellent post, someone once said '90% of success is just showing up'.
    Wish I could claim it as my own work but it happened to arrive on either digg or boing boing right about the time the Doctor was battering us again.
    "Working in shifts is tag-teaming. It seems even WWF tactics are beyond your grasp."

    LOL. Sorry, couldn't rep.
    Made it back, Mark.

    I checked into a Zen Buddhist monastery and took a two-year vow of silence, so I now have a lot to say. Hope this message finds you well.

    Just kidding about the monastery.
    Hey, you alive?
    Taint seen hide nor hair of you in...well, a while.
    Hope you're well, you dirty dog democrat... which is funny ironic b/c I give it as an insult, you take it as a compliment, and we're both happy.
    Seriously, hope you're ok...
    Mark DV
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