1. agoldin

    KGP Routing Question

    Hello ASL Hive Mind, A friend and I are playing KGP2 La Gleize. Mist is Extremely Heavy, giving a +1 LOS Hindrance per hex (KGP SSR3). The broken American stack in QQ42 must rout. Can they rout away through QQ43? Or are they eliminated for Failure to Rout? Or must they surrender by the Rout...
  2. agoldin

    Rout Question

    Hello Everyone, I have a rout question I hope the hive mind can answer. In this example (from KGP-Stoumont Campaign Game) let's say a US first line squad breaks while an in-Motion German tank (Panther) is in its hex. It is the German player turn and now the beginning of the rout phase. What...
  3. Ricardo Garcia

    Routing unit in open ground. Ignored hexes?

    Hi! This German broken unit starts the RTPh in an open ground hex (OO20) in the LOS of that Russian 5-2-7 (I have taken away the DM marker to make things easier to see). Now, initially, the routing destination would have to be PP19 (the building with the green dot), since it is the nearest...
  4. Tycho

    Surrender or FTR

    I was looking through the Texas ASL routing flowchart (which is awesome, thanks guys) and have a question... In J4, which takes precedence, interdiction or not routing closer to a KEU? If you check for interdiction first he would be subject to it in any of his valid destinations (G3, H2, or M2)...
  5. Robin Reeve

    Routing unit entering a Deep Stream (B20.43) - possible CX gain ?

    Hi all, I asked this rules question on FB - because GS seems instable these days and I couldn't reach it at the time - but I received no answer until now. What happens to a unit which routs into or through a Deep Stream? Does it gain CX status? Note that it does not specify entry during MPh -...
  6. Michael R

    Rout question

    Please see the attached image which has part of board 10. It is the start of the rout phase in the German player turn. I believe the British 248 would be unwise to voluntarily break because its rout destination would be building T8, where it must stop. Then it would be eliminated for being...
  7. Michael R

    eliminated or surrendered?

    A broken unit in a building hex is adjacent to a G.O. KEU in the same building. The broken unit can only rout upstairs to level 1. Upon doing so, it becomes adjacent to another G.O. KEU in a level 1 location. The broken unit has nowhere else to go, so it ends its rout phase adjacent to the...
  8. Tycho

    Rout Question

    So... A broken DM guy is on the 1st level of a building. There are bad guys 2 hexes away at ground level in LOS. Can he rout downstairs (in the same hex) or is that getting closer to a KEU?
  9. esparver73

    Droping concealment during rout

    I have this situation in Mila 18: a broken Partisan unit in level 1 building of a multi-hex rowhouse. In the same hex, at level 0, concealed enemy units. To the west, Known enemy units in LOS outside the building. To the east, concealed enemy units at level 1 of the same rowhouse (so out of LOS...
  10. K

    Bridge Rout Question - Pegasus Bridge

    Where would a unit in hex Y19 rout to if there is a known enemy unit in hex Z17? Here's the map (excerpt): An oddity came up while playing a Pegasus Bridge scenario the other day. Units broke in Y19 and then we got to the rout phase. Typically they would rout toward the nearest woods...
  11. James Taylor

    Rout next to broken enemy unit

    See the attached picture. Assume NO paths exist. May the German squad in M8 rout M9,L9,K10 (2,4,6) and then remain in K10 without being eliminated for FTR? Thanks ahead of time for feedback, JT
  12. James Taylor

    Rout into a hex with a vehicle unknown to router

    >I've attached a .jpg of the situation. Note: The Rumanians (Green meanies without the blue border) are allied with >the Russians against the Hungarians (Green meanies with the blue border). > In the situation NQ is in effect. The brokies in Y2 cannot see the immbolized vehicle in Z1 because...
  13. daveramsey

    Basic Rout question

    Really basic rout question here: The broken squad in r7 needs to rout. Reading the starter kit rules, he must rout towards the nearest woods or building, but can ignore those no further away to a known enemy unit than its present hex. p6 is further away from the KEU in r6 (so they can't...
  14. Robin Reeve

    A 10.5 and 20.21 rout and capture via RtPh method

    I always have doubts about rout rules... This is a situation that occured in ASL 100 (or A24) Regalbuto Ridge. British Turn Rout Phase - No Quarter is not in effect - As woods are Brush. The nearest routing destination is the M1 building. The broken leader may reach it, but would have to...
  15. B

    ROUT !! question...

    Playing HS27 last night, we ran into a question... A Germ HT drives up to building occupied by a known Canadian MMC in Good Order. Another HT parks behind this first one. The Germ MMC in the first HT gets out and breaks. Assuming the Canadian MMC is a legal interdictor, the closest...