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  • I respectfully request that you please delete your post on the 20LATR notes. The guy is admitting to not owning our product, and you are basically giving it to him.
    Hello Robin,

    Je pense que tu as mal compris la remarque de STAVKA à propos des Hillock RR de Hatten in Flames, il parlait de la représentation des Hillock RR sur la carte, qui fait qu'on peut vite oublier que la LOS est bloquée... et il a donc un peu grisé ces hexes sur sa carte comme il le montre dans son lien.
    Vu qu'il organise un tournoi sur Hatten, je ne pense pas qu'il n'aime pas ce module.


    Do you still design scenarios?

    Steve Swann
    Robin Reeve
    Robin Reeve
    Hi Steve,
    I haven't for a long time.
    But I don't exclude the possibility.
    I sent two to LFT some years ago, without any news since.
    "Two round buildings one next to the other... it could inspire someone to redesign "Taking the left tit". :p"

    Well I started the thread as a bit of a joke, Pete did send me a message about my purchasing habits tho and as a few of the guys on the forum know me they quite often ask me first for some of the rare stuff that I have multiples of and the RAACO reference is just to keep custerdpie in things to answer....
    I will do my best to get myself some balls, as Mr Jeff told me to do.
    Could you tell me the best brand on the market?
    Robin , swiss job fell through, but may be out there later this year, will keep in touch, am now havong to learn a bit of Swedish !! going ther for several weeks on Monday
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