1. C

    Airpower in ASL

    I've only been playing ASL for 2 1/2 years or so, but been a serious grog for much longer. One of the games I used to play a lot of pre-ASL was the 'fighting wing' series of games - 'achtung spitfire' and 'whistling death'. These could be compared in levels of complexity to ASL, with rules for...
  2. J

    AFV combat in ASL

    You know, I have been thinking about the ASL rules regarding AFV. It would be cool if we could have a bit more variety when an AFV gets hit. Example track hit, vehicle can't move but MA and support mgs are still working fine. Hull penetration but no serious damage...AFV still works. Turret Hit...
  3. S

    Mortars.....the most interesting/unigue weapon in ASL?

    As the title you think Mortars are the most interesting/unigue weapons in ASL? We all know about the SW kind but this is more about the 5/8 inchers...:smoke: If not why, other types of weapons more interesting/better? Give a convincing argument......:D I think they are pretty...
  4. Honza

    Is 'Morale' ASL's decisive winner?

    The inherent fragility of the units in ASL which is represented by 'Morale' is what I believe makes the game a winner. ASL has little in the way of command & control rules, but that lack is made for in the morale rules - which are in effect the same thing. For a wargame a morale rule is a very...
  5. Gunner Scott

    The 8-3-8 Pionier Squad

    Hi- A few questions on this slowly fading away unit in the German OoB. If ASL came out today, would this unit still be apart of the German OoB? Are we see'ing less and less of this unit in the current crop of scenarios? Lastly, should this unit basically be relagated to just Stalingrad...
  6. Gunner Scott

    Repair SSR

    Hi- Thinking about including this SSR in the Back in Black SS pack and want to make sure it is understandable by you the unwashed masses of this forum: Special Repair Rules: Any time during the Opponents Movement Phase or the Defensive Fire Phase and unless marked with a First Fire...
  7. Jim McLeod

    Taming The Skulk

    OK gents, like a certain other activity we all do but seldom admit to in polite conversation, we all like to Skulk. Nothing wrong with that, the rules allow it and we've been doing it practically since the first GT. That said, it does not really pass the sniff test as far as being...
  8. wrongway149

    Change the foxhole rule? (B27.4)

    Should rule B27.4 be changed to make foxhole movement consistent with routing from a foxhole? (extra MP to enter/exit foxhole is combined with COT to allow unit cover of the FH throughout the entire one-hex movement.) Should this be allowed for all movement, or just Assault-moving units?
  9. Kevin Kenneally

    Crews for 1/2" SW counters

    Should you, would you or could you use Infantry crew counters for the 1/2" Inf SW's?
  10. Pitman

    Does ASL represent SMOKE accurately?

    What do you think about SMOKE in ASL? I was playing a scenario this past weekend in which my opponent had 5 vehicles that could fire smoke, and it got me to thinking. Is it realistic for smoke from such devices, or artillery barrages, to be so thick that units in the smoke really could not...
  11. Michael Dorosh

    What does ASL do better/worse than any other Game?

    I'm putting together some compare/contrast notes on all the tactical warfare games that have been released since 1969, and thinking about all the different ways different aspects of combat have been portrayed in the various games. ASL obviously has strengths and weaknesses. From a...
  12. Honza

    Do You Like How The USMC Are Re-Created In ASL?

    When Gung Ho first came out, and I was a lot more naive, the Marines and their representation in ASL seemed perfect. But I have heard several criticisms of their handling in the game system. The main one being that they are too powerful. The others that there are too many squad types, and that...
  13. Gunner Scott

    Do you feel your respective Nationality is Represented Well?

    hi- Since we have such a cosmopoliten group of people here, and I need to take a break from writing my D&D game, What do you guys think of how your repective country's are represented in ASL? For example, I hate the fact that American Para Troopers have a seven moral level, but thats life in...
  14. T

    OVHS - Smoke is crucial-why no SSR?

    Hi Kevin and John S, Have another question for ya that is even more important. As I begin to figure out my attack plan as the Canadian, and reading several historical references covering this battle, I am extremely concerned. In the designer notes, John writes: "the Canadians, in order to...