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  • Pete
    On your Factory DASL project.
    Are you dealing with just the factory?
    Will the edge of the factory map need to be geo'ed with existing DASL map?
    Do you have a certain nationality in mind?

    So far we are pretty open. Haven't really thought about 'non-Geo" - except maybe a huge two-board factory.

    I'd like to have a few different nationalities if possible.

    Whatcha thinkin?
    Pete, Trying to track down one of your scenarios. We played it at Albany. Germans attacking the walled town from Orchards and Grain. Americans defending. The Germans have a flame AFV + other stuff. USA has some type of AT Gun that I set up out front in the grain for a nice surprise. Can't remember the pack, scenario name , or #.
    OK - Now you got me thinking. I need to design something with board 1a/1b, as I never have. (none published, anyway.)
    Yeah, that board is just about a perfect arrangement for an attack on a small town. Nice spacing, town (or half town) centered, etc. Finns, partisans, weren't you doing something for chapter E ?
    yeah but I could never get any sense of commitment from Perry regarding the required rules changes.

    What should the American balance be in PAD 1 Time is Tight? Looks like a vehicle typo on the card.

    yes it is a typo. Let me look at my notes tonight. Sorry for the delay.
    "I don't believe it was ever done by MMP. A new board, and maybe some 'graveyard' overlays would go a long way. "

    yes! :clap:
    "25-OTHER- getting 'rep points' helps me with my self-esteem issues."

    Again... snicker
    "What do you say if you lose to a National Guard MP like Scott Holst?"


    I am slated to play G29 "Shoot-N-Scoot at ASLOK this year and could use some clarification on the second sentence of SSR3.

    Looks like the Browns found a new RB. Did you see the last part of the pro bowl? :)
    "That would make you a.... Libtard!"

    Maybe if enough of us throw it around Tate will stop using it. It's also funny how everybody but Tate is a libtard. ;)
    "VC like this make a scenario virtually unplayable, IMO."

    <Pitman>Do you have a PhD? Then shutup! :angry:</Pitman>
    McNair made a very positive contribution to the conversion of the peacetime US Army to one capable of fighting a world war. He also helped trim some of the fat from units and reduced the types of divisions, which was good, given the shipping distance from the US to the battlefield. He was a very good organiser and bureaucrat.
    However he showed a lack of imagination in not seeing the ongoing evolution of tactics and more powerful equipment - the tactical arms race. He showed a stubbornness that was appropriate for getting the US Army up to speed and in place in '41-'43 but was a disadvantage when things did not go according to early war US doctrine, when flexibility was needed. That inflexibility got a lot of soldiers, especially tankers, unnecessarily killed. That is why I have a harsh attitude to him. He had his time, when he did very good things, but by '44 that time was gone and others paid in blood.
    I nearly forgot my manners, thank you very much for the rep!
    I get that impression mate.
    I've already had a run in with him in the past but on this thread and I'm a real **** for bearing a grudge !! lol....Jesus I've never heard such crap...and I'm the biggest crapspeaker I know !!! :) :)
    Please don't ever think my attack on Tater is any reflection on my feelings towards your countrymen generally who I have a great admiration for....I have never ever met, through work or pleasure (I work for a big US corporation...AON)...an American I wouldn't be happy to talk or have a beer with.
    I have to admit tho....no-one gets under my skin like Tate does lol
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