1. WuWei

    Hitting units out of LOS with ATT?

    C3.33 and C3.4 seem to indicate that only a mortar can hit units that it doesn't have LOS to. Is that the case? In our game, we had an AFV with LOS to an upper level building and a "??" in the level below out of LOS. We played it that it couldn't affect the "??".
  2. Michael R

    Cave LOS question

    I wish to confirm that I understand the Cave LOS rules correctly. The first image shows the map area without the Cave counters. The second image shows the map with two Cave counters. It also has two "LOS threads". I believe that the red one is blocked and the gray one is clear. What do you think?
  3. Michael R

    LOS help; is this vertex in LOS?

    Please see the attached image. A friendly unit is at level 2 in hex J3. An enemy unit is bypassing hex O3 at ground level (obviously) on the coordinate side. O3 is not a blind hex. N2 and N3 are blind hexes. Bypass LOS allows the friendly unit to trace LOS to the vertex of a hex being bypassed...
  4. thively

    LOS through a Building Question

    I'm playing a scenario and a disagreement about LOS through a multihex level 1.5 building has come up. (Screenshot of situation is attached.) German units are firing from level 2 (red arrow pointing up on board b) and the target hex, with Russian units, are on level one of a multihex level 1.5...
  5. commissar1969

    Shooting through a Terrain Blaze

    Gentlemen: If I understand the following rule correctly, I can fire right though a Stone Building that is ablaze (It says below that "Fire has no other effect [i.e. other than the Hindrance?] on LOS." Is that correct? If not, why not? 25.2 SMOKE: Any Burning Wreck or terrain Blaze is...
  6. von Marwitz

    Hillside Hedge - LOS (B9.6)

    This has been asked before, but with the forum update, illustrations got lost, so for the common good it might make sense to ask again: Picture: Situation: Firer in AA5. Target in CC5. Question 1: Does the Target receive Hedge TEM? Question 2: Would the Target receive Hedge TEM if the Firer...
  7. Jazz


    So I m in the process of getting ready to bring in a new computer and am in the process of copying over my user folder from my old machine. I realize that I probably do not need to copy the VASSAL tiles folder as it will get created anew when I install VASSAL on the new machine, but I could not...
  8. Tycho

    Light Bocage & Aerial LOS

    About to start a scenario from BFP's Operation Cobra that has both light bocage and airplanes. The rules state the light bocage doesn't create blind hexes from higher level locations (easy enough, it's just a wall with a serious attitude problem). Elsewhere it says that *aerial* LOS is blocked...
  9. JazzJeff

    Hillock LOS to level 1

    We are getting ready to play G45 Halha River Bridge and I have a question regarding hillock LOS. See the illustration. The dune is High and all hexes west of the river are at level 1. Does a LOS exist between J6 and C3?
  10. Michael R

    question on revised B10.1

    Does the revised B10.1 (Journal 10 errata) mean that there is no LOS from hex N14 to hex P14 because the inherent orchards are at ground level along the O14-O15 hexside? TIA
  11. P

    Rowhouse black bar question -- blocking LOS parallel to hexside?

    How much on an obstacle is the rowhouse black bar on LOS when the LOS crosses along the rowhouse hexside? Can M15h2 see L16? L15 is a 1.5 obstacle, so the LOS should otherwise be clear. But does the bar block LOS when the LOS is above the roof? If M15 is rubbled at ground level, can...
  12. WuWei

    How to check a LOS to a HIP leader with radio?

    Imagine a scenario that gives one side a HIP leader with a radio. Calling in OBA isn't a concealment loss action, but what do you do if you want to check a LOS to that HIP leader? You don't want your opponent to know where that leader hides...
  13. Rock SgtDan

    boards that don't line up - who cares? Center dots are an artifice.

    As long as the boards don't shift their relative positions during a game (and even then, it doesn't really matter) the position of the dot is meaningless. In fact, the game could have been designed with multiple dots per hex, requiring a clear LOS to any dot. Or with the dot in a random...
  14. Rock SgtDan

    Are hexside & vertices ALWAYS a part of the hexes they bound?

    If so, where do the rules say so directly? If not, then how do we know its not so? -- other than reading the entirety of the rules and finding examples? If the answer is "sometimes" -- then god help us all trying to figure it out. Got a list showing for which rule numbers they are and are...
  15. James Taylor

    Cliff vertex: LOS block or not?

    See the attached image. Is the LOS from N3 to R6 blocked by O5? The rule says: B11.2 The serrated edge of a cliff is no more of an obstacle to LOS traced along that hexside than the elevation level it separates from the higher hill hex. For LOS purposes, the black art depiction of a...
  16. Michael R

    LOS question re FB embankment railway

    Does the Russian unit have LOS to the Hungarian unit? If I understand the embankment rules correctly, the answer is no, but I need confirmation because those LOS rules are defined by the Hillock rules, whose example is massive. TIA
  17. commissar1969

    Fire Lane Placement (A9.22) and LOS

    Fellow Fanatics, I'm reading the rulebook line by line and finding, if course, rules that I did not know existed or one that I had hitherto misunderstood. Case in point: A9.22 states the following in the last paragraph: "However, neither NVR (E11) nor any SMOKE/...
  18. James Taylor

    Mist and Buildings

    For some reason its been in my mind that mist does not apply when the LOS stays entirely within a building depiction. But I've been unable to locate such in the rules. Am I making up rules again? :hush: JT
  19. swoyak

    LOS to different levels question

    I've been trying to use the LOS and the los buttons to check line of sight to different levels, and it doesn't seem to work regardless of what the preference setting is for my arrow keys. You can either set it to scroll or uncheck. When I use the arrow keys my screen scrolls, not the level LOS...
  20. Mr Incredible

    LOS Touches Vertex

    Hi Having a brain freeze here and can't work this out. If a los touches the vertex of an inherent terrain hindrance, is there a hindrance for that hex??? Reading A6.7 it mentions through the hex and along the hex side but what about just touching the vertex. This los is not just by eye, but...