1. Major_Tom

    Good Pre-Reading for "Sword and Fire: Manila?"

    Having pre-ordered "Sword and Fire: Manila" (don’t ask me what the approved abbreviation might be), I have realised that, unlike the previous, heavy-duty, urban-based HASL efforts in Stalingrad and Arnhem, my library lacks the depth of knowledge about the 1944-45 Philippines campaigns. Could...
  2. Rock SgtDan

    What do you think are ASL's "signature" rules concepts/mechanisms?

    ASL started as a reconciliation of the SL module rules expansions, but grew into many new rules concepts for which mechanisms were created. What are the most key, "signature" rules concepts that make ASL unique? The first that comes to my mind is the concept that you shoot at someone more...
  3. Rock SgtDan

    Is stripping MGs from American Jeeps & Halftracks a historic tactic?

    And are scenarios created with presumption that the player WILL strip them? Well, for those scenarios created after the articles explaining the trick. VFTT16 OLD MACDONALD AND CHAPTER H Dad, I won't need the Jeep tonight, but can I borrow the .50 cal from it? Ian Daglish In Critical...
  4. Rock SgtDan

    The German Squad In Combat pub 1943 Mil Intell Svc

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/48565551/german-squad Like to find a version without the damn watermark obscuring every page...
  5. F

    Russo-Japanese War Google Earth file

    attached please fine a Google Earth (.kmz) file containing a bunch of places significant to the Russo-Japanese War. I wrote this file because for two reasons: 1. Corbett's Maritime Operations in the Russo-Japanese War (which I'm lately reading) contains a very thorough account of the naval...
  6. D

    German snipers - in their own words

    I found this rather interesting interview with three German snipers in another forum. One of the interviewees is the man who was credited with the most kills of any German sniper during WWII. What I found most interesting is that they are unanimous that they never fought at night, in spite of...
  7. Honza

    The Dawn Of VotG.

    In tandem with the Eben Emael Fort thread I thought I'd mention that I now know how VotG was concieved. Way back in 1992 in On All Fronts there were some scenarios released all about the Central Rail Station of Stalingrad. These scenarios come with their own homemade map - which is incredibly...
  8. A

    Personal side to ASL

    I was wondering if any ASLers had ever played a scenario in which they knew personally or had met a real life participant. I think it might add something to have a SMC called grandad! If so, did you keep your buddie in the backfield or did he lead the human wave?
  9. Honza

    Is 'Morale' ASL's decisive winner?

    The inherent fragility of the units in ASL which is represented by 'Morale' is what I believe makes the game a winner. ASL has little in the way of command & control rules, but that lack is made for in the morale rules - which are in effect the same thing. For a wargame a morale rule is a very...
  10. Houlie

    HtH CC in DASL

    Question: why is there HtH CC allowed in all Deluxe ASL scenarios? HtH in the Streets of Fire scenarios makes perfect sense in most cases, but in a number of DASL scenarios, not necessarily. So what was the rationale for this system change? Wouldn't an HtH SSR done just as well where...
  11. B

    What's With the 'Counter' in CX?

    The term 'Counter Exhausted' has always bugged me just a little bit. What was the rationale for including the word 'counter' in that description? Wouldn't 'exhausted' have done okay by itself? We don't have 'Counter Pinned' or 'Counter Burning' or 'Counter Immobilized' or anything else with...
  12. Michael Dorosh

    Leadership on the Cardboard Battlefield

    Out of curiousity, did the leadership model of Squad Leader/Advanced Squad Leader represent a unique concept, of was it an evolution of earlier designs? Can leadership counters be found in board wargames predating 1977? The number of tactical games predating Squad Leader is low - just over 20 I...
  13. Michael Dorosh

    Development of the British Infantry Squad and Platoon Tactics

    I had considered submitting this to the Journal but didn't think it would be of broad enough interest. I'll post it here (copied from my website) for interests' sake - it's not an ASL tactics article by any means, so I'm putting it in the general ASL forum. Would love to see a discussion...
  14. B

    Don Greenwood - the Man, the Mystery, the Legend.

    Hey guys. I've seen a few AARs of such things as the World Boardgaming Championships where Don's name is mentioned. I understand Don is actively involved in organising the event and does fraternise with the players. So I was wondering if anyone has tried slipping in the odd "say Don, what's...
  15. Gunner Scott

    Tiger I in North Afrika

    Hi all- Cruised over to CH! message boards and found this nifty link posted by Panzerglock. Basically its an interview with Major Linderman, former commander of Panzer Battalion 502 (i think) Check it out, lot of cool info: Scott