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  • I was looking at a map of the planned first wave landings on Sword Beach Normandy. They refer to 1 team, 2 team, 3 team etc. I was wondering if anybody knew what those teams consisted of approximately. I sort of imagine an over strength platoon with attached sappers, engineersing vehicles and DD Shermans but does anyone actually know?

    Also, what vehicles might have been knocking around on the front on D-Day a few hours and a couple of miles after the initial assault apart from Shermans, flails and M10 Hellcats or Wolverines as they were called by the Brits

    Thanks in advance.

    Did you ever get an answer to this (I assume this was you). I may have an answer, if not.
    Hello Martin,

    My name's Jason Johns. Custardpie (Ian Willey) suggested that I contact you about ASL. I am a Yank living in the UK. I live near Huntingdon (between Peterborough and Cambridge). I used to play a lot of ASL, but am just getting back into it with a local guy here. He only wants to play about once a week or two. I'd be willing to play by VASL and skype with you, if you need some more play time.

    Let me know,


    (Just put ASL in the subject line.)
    Did you ever find the ASL stuff you were searching for? I was thinkin' it was something WOA but could've been COB.
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