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  • Hi Dave,

    I'm a new player based in Amherst, but I travel to Halifax/Dartmouth quite regularly. I've got hold of SK1, SK3, and the SKEP over the last couple years and now have time to try playing a bit. Ultimately I'd like to go to full ASL, when I can afford the buy in.

    A few folks on the forum pointed me towards you to get the contact info and details on the small group based in Halifax. I saw the names Martin Hubley and Steve Webber mentioned, and there was hints that there might be a few more guys lurking around. Do you know if the scene is very active at all?


    Sometimes feel like all I have is my happy place, but then my wife comes home from work and my little girl from school and I realize what a blessed man I am.
    I tried to make a point in my tribute that my relationship with Jimbo was very much a two-lane street. He was no saint, and I was no sinner. We were genuine equals, and colleagues, at least while MLR was going on.

    But, you know, what difference does it make? I liked him, he liked me, we both liked the IIFT, we disagreed on other things, he knew his stuff, he was a kind host and good player, and I've lost two good ASL friends in the last three years, so I'm going to go to sleep tonight with some sense of mourning and some sense of perspective.
    It's one of those things. I wonder what Jim would say about all the positively nice things going on in that thread, given that he was no stranger to mixing it up on the forum. He was so "in your face" during the "ghetto" discussions last summer, and especially about his right to say what he wanted on the forum, it's surreal, and of course it's not, to see those who took offence to his comments pay their respects now. Reminds me of - I dunno, Joe Clark paying tribute to Pierre Trudeau in the House of Commons when the man himself passed on. One of those things you stop to do, I guess. He was truly multi-dimensional, and one didn't need to meet him in person (I never did) to see that shine through on the forum - his posts really conveyed that he knew his history, his knowledge of the game, and his life experience. Makes the other forum "stuff" seem insignificant.
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