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  1. pdutram

    2008 Master ASL Scenario Listing

    The 2008 annual update to the Master ASL Scenario Listing has been added to the download section (old 2007 update has been deleted). Follow the link at the bottom of this post and enjoy. Happy New Year. New additions include: Multi-Man Publishing’s “Valor of the Guards” scenarios...
  2. daveramsey

    My review of 2008

    Hi All, I was lucky enough to play 61 scenarios this year, so here in Chronological order were the scenarios and highlights of the last 12 months: In January I started off with some preparation for Berserk with For A Few Rounds More, which I think is a pretty underrated scenario. Sure...
  3. Whizbang1963

    Best Forum Post of 2008

    That's right folks, it's time for you to submit your candidate for the best post of 2008! Let's see what you think the best ASL related post was
  4. pdutram

    Asl 2008

    It's been a very good year for ASL scenarios. The 2008 Update to the Master ASL Scenario Listing will be posted here on Dec. 31. Lots of new stuff. Some open questions for the remaining month of the year: Will MMP release ASL Journal #8? Will Critical Hit release “Bloody Omaha: D-Day...
  5. Roadtogundagai

    Year in review - Official ASL releases in 2008

    Hi Everyone, I think the list of official ASL releases this year has been the following: AP4 VOTG Singling HASL Have I missed anything? I am assuming that we won't be seeing the BRTGG / Map Bundle / DB3 reprint / J2 reprint / J8 / AP5 this year. Hopefully these can make their appearance...
  6. Paolo Cariolato

    Best ASL product in 2007

    You can find the discussion HERE. You DON'T have to register and you can cast 3 votes. Write down your impression and comments if you like. regards paolo
  7. Kevin Kenneally

    Optimism for 2008 ASL

    All, What have you heard that is in the production pipeline to be produced for us in 2008? All products and their producers should be listed in this thread. So I can make plans on what to purchase in 2008. :clown:
  8. macrobo

    ASL in 2007 - A Study of the Scenarios- Pt1

    THE INTRODUCTION AND EARY YEARS General Comments My purpose was to write up the Tiger scenarios but due to delays in that article I thought I would explore what turned up at my Desk over the year in a strategic way of what was available to play. “Re – Release” is the same as release in this...
  9. Gunner Scott

    ASL Products for 2008?

    Hi- I'm not sure if this has been asked, but what products for ASL are being released for 2008? Could this be made a sticky so lazy people like me dont have to search out similer threads like this? So, ASL publishers, please list what you guys plan on coming out with for 2008. My own...
  10. Pitman

    ASL in 2006: The Products

    For a complete list of ASL products released in 2006, see my website at Recent ASL Products. The only thing it is missing is the new issue of the newsletter Banzai!. What do you think? What did you buy? What did you pass on? What were your favorites? Your unexpected pleasures? The dogs...
  11. Pitman

    2006: Your Year in ASL

    So, how was 2006 for you, year-wise? Good, bad? Play enough scenarios? Do well in tournaments? Meet some cool opponents? Design anything? Buy anything? Happy, sad? I'll start things off. I think 2006 was a pretty good year for me, ASL wise. I got in around 75 scenarios or so, which...
  12. O

    Most played scenarios in 2005 - ROAR report.

    Most played scenarios in 2005 - ROAR report. I'm very glad to see the following report to what scenarios were played the most in 2005. Both my Journal submission ended in top three. It's been fun to read 'all' comments and AAR's about scenarios. Playings from 1/1/2005 to 12/31/2005 Run at...
  13. Pitman

    So, how was your 2005 ASL gaming year?

    As 2005 winds to a close, the question arises: how was 2005 for you, ASL-wise? Did you win tournaments? Get a lot of good games in? Find a long-sought ASL product? Find a new gaming group or a cool opponent? Get involved in a new project? Were there any unexpected pleasures for you in...