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  • You're wasting your time with him. ASRomafan is Ray hiding behind a pseudonym. He's trying to convince all other companies to stop producing boards so CH can corner the market. He constantly talks about Ray and what he's probably thinking, doing, etc but in a couple of posts he slipped and said "I" didn't catch that in proofing or "I" messed up some counters.
    Unfortunately I don't know, I've discovered her lately when thoughtlessly typing "laska" ("chick") about 2 a.m... : (
    So I'm thinking of coming to Comsimworld if there is Squaddie to play. Let me know details
    Thanks for the rep. I hesitated to post, and figured I'd get grilled for suggesting such heresy. But so far it's +21 rep and no flames. I think the issue's worth prying open a little, to find the middle ground, but no thread responses yet.
    I met him at my first Origins in 93. He and Vance had just finished work on Blitzkrieg in the South for 3W. The next year they had split up and Vance was working with GMT on his East Front series. Joe stayed with 3W and put out Spires of the Kremlin with plans for an entire series but it didn't work out and 3W went in the crapper pretty soon after that.
    Not sure yet...Depends on whether or not there is a new MMP HASL or whether we will do some BFP playtesting...
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