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  • Tell me about it! :rolleyes: I think I'd rather have the rep. No need to go into another tax bracket. :)
    "Isn't that the title of your autobiography? "

    Can't rep again so soon so I'll have to ding you later! :angry:

    DM is obviously revisionist history! :rolleyes:

    Agree with Doc Martin on the book but don't tell him. :)
    No, we are cool

    I didnt say that the holocaust was a military campaign, but was quibbling over calling a WMD has anything but a weapon.

    Glad you understood my wiki issue.

    I am about to delve into the Richard Evans Series about the Third Riech.

    BTW, your SD book is much better than Pits.
    The garbage strike? Having shot my mouth off about how great unions are, I am acutely aware of the irony of being boned by CUPE. Fortunately, none of the guys I argue with hear any Canadian news, so I hope not to get called on it :)
    Thanks for the rep, but I especially liked your message about a certain someone being a 'moron' and a 'troll'.

    Amen to that.
    Wish I could give you more rep upon occasion. What is the secret to having spread enough around that I can do that more frequently?
    Why? What's the guy's name? As far as I know all our close relatives live down here. And I'm adopted so I don't know. Never really kept up with any relatives except my mom's brother and his kid.
    Sometimes I wonder if you do it just to get a rise out of them. I will have to say that you rarely ever resort to the name calling, you buttpirate. :p
    Yeah, I actually just found them so I can grab them from the MMP site. It looks like they changed the URL at some point but some poking around uncovered them. Thanks for the help though!
    Many thanks for the comments about the blog and eAmbush! project. I'm resting now, gearing up for the next big project.

    Had to rake my college-exhausted brain for the definition of metatarsus and when the fog cleared as Christopher Lambert says "There can be only one" answer.
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