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  • No need to find a room. You can stay at my place. Come down Friday, play Saturday and return Saturday night. Or come on down early Saturday, stay, leave Sunday. Just like my other ASL Brothers.

    If you are coming down, call me and let me know.

    I see you found my visitor messages. :D

    Thanks for the comments on the book - and more importantly, glad we are "cool" :cool: Been enjoying your historical posts for a while now. Thought your comment about pain medication was funny given I am susceptible to weather headaches and just took two gelcaps myself...

    Happy 4th of July.

    Oops - my inbox is full - email at is best way to get ahold of me, or Visitor Message works too.
    Am honored to be your friend...although I'm horrified to see the other riff raff you call friends...

    Mark DV Ada, MI :)
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