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  • Sir,

    A mutual acquaintance (John Houston) has mentioned that you are looking for an article describing how to use the Steel Beasts ProPE map editor. Is there something in specific you are looking to learn how to use?

    I've done a lot of work for SBProPE in terms of beta-testing. I've also had a hand in writing the SB Wiki Scenario Design Guide. I'd be glad to help, if you have a matter that needs resolution.

    Hi Michael, glad you enjoyed it. As I said in a previous message it ended up being more of an article than an interview,which is what I initially thought it to be.How about that pic of young Mr. Hill, eh?
    "Why do people keep thinking MMP is being run as a favour to ASL players? I always thought it was a business out to make money, just like everyone else..."

    Ed Zachry :clap:
    "You're a complete moron if you think it is a POS car."

    Good luck! He will twist your words to mean something you never said (ex: In Print thread), yet when confronted with what he actually said (ex: IFT debate) it's all in the "context." :nuts:
    I only jab at you guys when I can twist what you say to make it sound gay... oh, that's all the time. :p
    Are you gonna respond to my jab in the Mila 18 thread? It isn't any fun... well, not as much fun, if you don't play along. :coolban:
    SS jacket, eh? I am certain, certain, that her interest was entirely historical and archival....

    Otherwise, I may have run into her during my bachelor party in a BDSM club on Delancey street. If so, I still have her riding crop (slightly used). In which case, perhaps that came from Karinhall....
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